Swan Song

Adventure Log 10/7/12

En route to Beaumonde, the crew try to come up with plans for how to retrieve the black box from Ellandri’s Dagger. Sebastian sends a wave to Esposito to see if she can meet him in New Dumsmuir. He has things tell her … but only in person. Esposito agrees. She should be able to get there even before Acorn does.

Upon landing in New Dunsmuir, Esposito drops by the ship. Everyone exchanges warm greetings, although no one offers any explanation about Chapman’s presence. Esposito and Sebastian head out for dinner. Over the course of the meal, she catches Sebastian up on her new career as a private investigator. When Esposito asks him why they needed to meet face-to-face, Sebastian slowly begins to explain the situation so far. Esposito doesn’t ask many questions, but listens with a serious expression on her face. When Sebastian finishes his story, he asks if she would be willing to accompany them on the next part of their journey. Esposito asks him if the plan is to turn Rejovic over to the authorities. Sebastian reluctantly says no. With all of Rejovic’s powerful connections, he knows that they will never be safe while Rejovic lives. Esposito tells him, that while she can understand his point of view, she is not comfortable with the end result of their mission. She can’t immediately agree to go with them. While Esposito wants some time to think it over, Sebastian tells her not to worry about it, that they will be leaving the next day.

When Sebastian makes his way back to Acorn, everyone wants to know how the evening went. When Sebastian explains Esposito’s reluctance, Colt says that he wants to talk to her, to try to convince her. Sebastian insists that Colt leave Esposito alone. He doesn’t want her to agree to their mission out of guilt or coercion. Mad says she wants to go out for the evening. Colt says he has something to do first and leaves the ship. Mad asks the rest of the crew if anyone wants to go to a club and Chapman is the only one who agrees.

Mad tries unsuccessfully to find companionship for the night, while Chapman seems more interested in drinking. Colt eventually shows up, not offering an explanation of where he’s been. He and Mad start working the crowd in earnest. It is not long before each has someone to go home with. Colt even manages to find someone to take Chapman home.

The next morning, Colt, Mad, and Chapman meet up on the walk back to Acorn. They are not back for long before there is a knock on the ship’s door. It is Esposito bearing a large duffle bag. She has decided join their venture. Sebastian tries to dissuade her, but she has made up her mind. Esposito will be Sebastian’s bodyguard during the next part of their journey. She is only coming along to help protect him.

The crew arranges to transport some legitimate cargo and takes off for the Beylix system. Mad sends a wave to the Federal Junkyard to find out how to go about looking at some potential purchases. When the return message comes back, Mad is instructed to be specific in what she would like to look at. She replies that they are interested in viewing a Knorr-class ship. The return wave says that, luckily for her, the Federal Junkyard currently has two Knorr ships available. When they arrive, ask for Director Jameson Newson.

As the Acorn arrives in the Beylix system, the crew tries to come up with ideas to sneak the source box off Ellandri’s Dagger without the Federal Junkyard employees noticing. Mad comes up with the idea of taking out part of the navigation system and hiding the box in the casing. Acorn is hailed about 10 kilometers outside of the space station. After identifying themselves, Acorn is instructed to dock. While Esposito remains on board, the rest of the crew heads to meeting Director Newson. He greets them and explains that the Junkyard does have two ships that they might be interested in. The Dancing Molly is in good shape, but the other ship, Ellandri’s Dagger has sustained severe damage on the starboard side. Mad tells him that they would like to look at both ships for parts.

The crew, wearing their new custom vacuum-suits, board the shuttle that will take them to view the Knorr-class ships. The shuttle, manned by two Federal employees, first heads towards Ellandri’s Dagger. Mad keeps up a flirty conversation with both men, but when the Dagger comes into view, even she can see the tension on Chapman’s face. The starboard side of the ship is almost gone, destroyed by Early’s bomb. She lightly rests a hand on Chapman’s shoulder as the shuttle approaches. Because of the extensive damage, the shuttle cannot dock with the Knorr -class wreck. With Sebastian using the shuttle’s tether to aid him, the crew successfully space-walks it’s way over to the Dagger.

Upon reaching the other ship, Sebastian scavenges for parts in the engineering room. Chapman heads immediately for the fake escape pod. Luckily, it was on the undamaged side of the ship. Mad disconnects the navigation system, and, when Chapman brings the source box, hides it deep inside. After the crew secures all of the parts inside the shuttle, they head to the Dancing Molly. The Knorr-class ship is in good shape, and there is a bit of a discussion as to whether or not the crew would actually buy the ship outright. Eventually, they just remove the chaff cannisters from the Dancing Molly and head back to the space station to negotiate prices with the Director.

After paying for the parts they took, the crew heads planet-side. Once Acorn lands, Sebastian starts installing the chaff cannisters. Chapman works on the source box, however, he is unable to find the necessary files. Much to the mercenary’s chagrin, it doesn’t take Sebastian long at all to find the files and decrypt them.

The entire crew gathers around the table in the common room to examine the information gathered from the source box. It appears that most of the transmissions came from the Border Belt in the region known as the Scattering.



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