Swan Song

Adventure Log 5/13/12

Hoping to either figure out a way to escape or to privately communicate with her crew, Mad approaches the receptionist and asks if she can use the bathroom. She is flatly denied and told to go sit back down. Mad heads back to her seat and pulls out her ship phone. She manages to quickly get out that she is being detained before one of the guards grabs it. While the other guard holds Mad at gunpoint, she is frisked down and removed of all communication devices as well as her plate vest.

The guards then lead Mad outside and into their mule. Still at gunpoint, Mad is driven to the security center and taken inside. The clerk behind the counter tells her that she is being arrested on charges of prostitution. Mad, incensed, starts to argue. People don’t have to pay to have sex with her! The clerk interrupts that she better be quiet unless she wants to make her sentence in the mines longer than six months. She’ll have to wait until her case comes before the magistrate. Mad sullenly turns over the contents of her pockets to the clerk and is promptly taken to a cell. She spends a few moments searching the cell and finds a hidden camera, but there is little else to be done besides wait for her captors’ next move.

Meanwhile, Colt, finding himself face-to-face with a buzzboat, tosses the bag of explosives down in front of him and starts to slowly back up. A voice over the boat’s PA system instructs him to lay face down on the ground. Colt puts up his hands and tries to engage the unseen man in a spot of conversation, still trying to put a bit of distance between himself and the bag. He is told to lay face down or he will be fired upon. Reluctantly, Colt lowers himself to the ground. As he lies there, Colt hears his ship phone go off and Mad say that she is being detained. Realizing that the Go se is about to hit the fan, Colt risks moving, repositioning himself so that he can contact Sebastian on his multiband.

Waiting back at Acorn, Sebastian and Mo hear Mad‘s voice over the ship’s phone. Sebastian turns to Mo, not knowing what they should do. When Sebastian’s multiband goes off, he and Mo find out that Colt is also in a bad situation. Not only is Colt being pinned down by a buzzboat, but he has just found out that ground support is heading his way to collect him for detention.

Mo quickly gets the Nut House prepped for flight, while Sebastian grabs what he can to help in the rescue. He also brings along a transmitter with the intention of finding the communication channel the guards are using. As the Nut House lifts off, Sebastian is able to find out that the ground support is only 2 minutes away from Colt‘s location. It will be a race to see who arrives on site first. Mo mentions hearing a faint rhythmic sound coming from the ship phone, but Sebastian can’t hear anything.

As Colt waits face-down in the dirt, his whole body tensed for a fight, he begins to hear another noise over the whine of the buzzboat. It’s the sound of a shuttle-craft accelerating. The next few minutes are a blur of action. Mo aims the Nut House at the buzzboat and yells at Sebastian to “hold on!” Colt jumps up and begins running for cover. There is a horrible screeching sound of metal-on-metal. Although Mo slams the shuttle into the buzzboat, it had started to turn at the last minute. As a result, the buzzboat is still in the air, but is forced down towards the ground…

Right over the bag of explosives.

Colt yells into his multiband for his crew to pull up and hits the detonation button. Mo manages to pull the Nut House out of its return pass just as an enormous explosion goes off. Mo and Sebastian are a bit shaken, but unharmed. The same cannot be said of the buzzboat. The air is filled with the stench of burning fuel and smoke. Colt’s ears are ringing, but he is still upright. Ahead, he notices a mule turning around. The ground crew has arrived just in time to see the destruction of the buzzboat and has decided to flee the scene. Colt shoots the driver of the mule and then quickly moves in pursuit.

Meanwhile, Sebastian and Mo land in the Nut House. Still listening in on the transmitter, Sebastian hears a guard calling for back up, the people they were sent to detain are more heavily armed than they thought. A cold voice interrupts the frantic guard, telling him to “stay off this channel.”

Colt, getting close to the mule, can tell that the driver is down. The guard in the passenger seat is trying to move his fallen companion out of the vehicle. Colt aims for the guard’s arm and fires. In only a matter of minutes, the guard has surrendered. Colt leads him on board the Nut House. The crew starts heading back to Acorn. While Mo complains about the guard’s blood getting everywhere, Sebastian asks the man what main frequency they are using. The guard at first only gives his name, Johnson, and his ID number. Sebastian informs him that if he doesn’t get the information, then his “friend” will ask … and not as nicely. Johnson eyes Colt, then gives Sebastian a new frequency number.

Turning in, the entire crew hears an unknown man giving the order to send in more buzzboats. The cold voice interrupts interrupts again, saying to belay the order. The other man begins to argue, but is told to “Shut up, Rennes.” Then the voice asks " Colt, are you on this channel?" For a moment, no one knows what to do. Then Colt takes the guard’s radio and replies, “Colonel, I never expected to hear your voice again.”

“I’ve got something you want,” the man replies, “We should talk price.” It’s clear to everyone who he means. Colt tells him to remain on the channel. The crew makes it back to Acorn where Mo immediately takes the guard into surgery. Colt tries to question the guard before Mo sedates him, but it becomes obvious that he knows nothing of Sarkaya’s illegal activities.

Meanwhile, Sebastian takes his ship phone off into a quiet area to try to figure out what was making the sound Mo had mentioned earlier. Finally hearing the faint noise that Mo mentioned, Sebastian realizes that it is actually a message in Morse code. The message reads “what’s happening?” Sebastian’s surge of excitement is tempered slightly by suspicion. He messages back for the unseen person to spell out their full initials. The letters “S” “J” “E” come back.

Back in her cell, Mad hears a noise that sounds almost like a sonic boom. Soon after, she is instructed by the clerk to sit down on the bench and hold out her hands. As soon as Mad does so, armed guards enter her cell and place her in cuffs. She is escorted out of the security office at gunpoint and back onto a mule. She overhears a bit of conversation between the clerk and one of the guards about whether or not there has been any word from an officer named Johnson.

The mule starts heading toward the large mansion in the middle of town. When Mad tries to engage her captors in conversation about where they are heading, she is told that Mr. Sarkaya wants his “package secure.” She is escorted into the mansion and led through several doorways before ending up in front of the stern-looking receptionist from earlier. She stares back at Mad frostily. She tells Mad that Mr. Sarkaya will see her shortly.

Back on Acorn, the crew tries to decide what to do next. They have no idea where Mad is being detained. While they debate, Sarkaya’s voice comes over the radio again. Colt is to come to the mansion. The clock is ticking. Once his time runs out, his friend will suffer the consequences.

Eventually, Mad is escorted into Sarkaya’s office. An older man with a hard-looking face sits behind an enormous desk. Instructed to sit down, the two guards flank Mad on either side. Sarkaya asks her if she thinks that Colt will come for her. Mad tells him that if he knew Colt at all, he would know that Colt never leaves a man behind. Sarkaya mentions that he “saw potential” in Colt, but that unfortunately, his vision was “short-sighted.” Mad retorts that it was good thing that Colt didn’t turn into a bastard like him. Although she sees his hand coming at her, Mad can’t dodge fast enough as Sarkaya hits her across the face.

As the crew prepares Acorn for take-off, there is a sudden explosion and the ship shudders. Several buzzboats are swarming over the transport. The ship shakes again and Colt is on the radio. He angrily tells Sarkaya that Acorn is being attacked and to call off his guards. He also asks to speak to Mad to make sure that she is alright. Sarkaya agrees and seconds later, the entire crew is relieved to hear Mad’s voice saying hello. He reminds Colt again that his time is running out. Once the buzzboats fall back, Acorn is in the air and heading towards town.

Back in Sarkaya’s office, there is a buzz from his desk. Sarkaya says “Yes, Ms. Wuhan?” and the stern voice of the receptionist is heard. She tells Sarkaya that " Merlyn didn’t come in today" and that “the man’s never been sick a day in his life.” She didn’t like it, so she sent men to his appartment and found it empty. Sarkaya tells her to “find him.” Wuhan replies that there is a shortage of men right now. Sarkaya orders one of the guards flanking Mad to go help.

As the guard leaves, Sarkaya begins to question Mad about Colt’s involvement in the current situation. Did Colt send a mole into his organization? Sarkaya muses that he didn’t think that Colt would work with either Interpol or the Marshals. Mad asks if he really thinks that Colt would work with ANY kind of authorities? When Sarkaya begins to push harder, Mad replies that she heard that the larger a man’s desk is, the smaller his penis. She is able to move her head just enough that she doesn’t get the full brunt of Sarkaya’s hand upon her face. However, the impact is still hard enough to make her momentarily dizzy. Sarkaya coldly tells Mad to shut her mouth or her clock will run out faster.

Suddenly, the sound of a large craft flying overhead is heard. Almost at the same time, Wuhan buzzes Sarkaya again. Something is going on in the shanty town. She wants to send in more reinforcements. The remaining guard is dispatched to help get the situation under control. Colt calls in on the radio. He and Sarkaya debate back and forth for a few minutes. Colt tells him that he’s “only here for one person.” It is agreed that Colt will come inside the mansion and Mad will be allowed to leave. Colt promises to come in without a sidearm.

Back on Acorn, Colt removes all of his weapons except the small derringer in its secret arm holster and prepares to head inside. Sebastian, still communicating with Esposito on the transmitter, tells her that the ship has landed right in front of the mansion. Buzzboats have followed from outside town and are patrolling the air above Acorn. She replies that she will try to head that way, but that it is chaos on the streets. Sebastian lets her know that Kit’s cover has been busted.

Ms. Wuhan opens the door to Sarkaya’s office and Mad is instructed to walk in front of her. As Mad heads back towards the front of the mansion, she notices the computer at Wuhan’s desk is in the middle of deleting huge amounts of files. At the closed and locked front door, Mad turns towards Wuhan. The woman has a gun pointed straight at Mad. Mad stands cautiously aside so Wuhan can open the door.

Framed in the open doorway, Mad can see Acorn resting on the front lawn. The ramp to the cargo bay has been lowered and Colt stands at the top. Next to him is parked Sadie. When Colt sees Mad, he starts making his way down the ramp. Mad moves foward to meet him halfway. She throws her arms around Colt in a big hug. Moving her mouth close to his ear, Mad whispers to him that they are deleting files inside the mansion. Colt nods his head, then the two part move apart. As Mad makes it up to the cargo bay, Colt arrives at the front door and heads inside.

Wuhan makes Colt stop right in front of her to check him for weapons. Colt is able to subtly maneuver himself so that she doesn’t discover the derringer. She leads him to Sarkaya’s office at gunpoint.

Once safely inside Acorn, Mad runs straight to find Sebastian and Mo. She tells them that Sarkaya’s receptionist is destroying all of their files. She wants to go back in, otherwise there may not be any hard evidence to convict Sarkaya. However, the door to the mansion is shut and Mad won’t be able to get in. Against his better judgement, Sebastian agrees to help hack the keypad lock. If they can sneak past the circling buzzboats, the front door is protected by a portico and they should be able to proceed unseen. As Sebastian tries to time how often the patrolling buzzboats go by, Mad arms herself and gathers a dufflebag of weaponry and other helpful things.

For a moment, both Mad and Sebastian stand in the doorway of the cargo bay. When Sebastian yells for them to run over, Mad quickly moves ahead of Sebastian. Suddenly, a buzzboat appears out of nowhere and begins firing—apparently, in his haste and fear, Sebastian had miscalculated. Sebastian retreats to the safety of Acorn while Mad sprints harder for the cover of the portico. While Mad pulls out burn gel and begins applying it to the front door, Sebastian grabs a magnetic grenade and tosses it at the approaching buzzboat. He manages to get it just close enough to latch onto the metal hull of the boat. The explosion is almost instantaneous.

Inside the mansion, Wuhan stops before the door to Sarkaya’s office and Colt steps inside, bringing him face-to-face with his old mentor. Colt confronts Bursa with his crimes. “Is this what we fought for? Slavery?” Bursa laughs and says “Colt, you were always so eager and so naive. You actually thought that all of this, all of everything, was about politics. It was about power. The power to do what we are destined to do without the interference of an Alliance or any one else to disrupt the natural order. This is what I fought for—the power for the strong to survive. That is my kind of freedom.” The sound of a large explosion reverberates throughout the room, interrupting this diatribe and Colt flicks his wrist, revealing his hidden derringer, outdrawing Bursa who moved for an old Independent sidearm. “You’ve learned a few new tricks since the war, I see.” Colt nods and instructs him to call off the buzzboats and have his men bring in Jakeson Grant. Bursa warily complies. As the sound of further disruptions carry from the adjoining rooms, Bursa admits to Colt “I always saw potential in you. That was the truth.” Colt snarls, “I believed in you. And you do this. You’re just like them, you son of a bitch. Just like the Alliance.” He motions for the older man to lead the way out of the room.

Meanwhile, the burn gel finishes its work and the front door falls inside with a crash. Mad cautiously makes her way inside and begins applying more gel to the second door that leads to Wuhan’s office. As soon as the door falls, Mad tosses a flash-bang into the hole and covers her eyes and ears. The errupting noise and light cause Mad to blink furiously and her ears to ring, but she is still able to move into the next room. Wuhan stands by her desk, clearly disoriented. Mad tries to knock her out with a few blows with the butt of her gun, but, finally resorts to using a stun baton. Wuhan falls to the ground. Mad quickly moves to the computer and, not knowing how else to stop the mass file delete, unplugs it.

The door to Sarkaya’s office opens and he steps out slowly, Colt behind him with a gun pointed at his back. Mad is standing near the unconsious body of Ms. Wuhan. There is still a strong smell of smoke in the room. As the two men start to make their way to the front of the mansion, Sebastian makes his way inside. When Mad sees Sebastian, she asks him to help with the computer. Sebastian retrieves the hard drive and also goes through some of the paper files in Woohan’s desk. The two then head for the font door.

Esposito and Kit sit in a mule parked next to Acorn. As Colt leads Sarkaya across the lawn, Kit approaches and tells the man that he is bound by law. Sarkaya has a bitter smile as he replies, “You think I’m a monster. But we were both in the war, Colt. We’re all monsters.”

Another mule pulls up on the scene. A large young man sits in the passenger’s seat. It’s Jakeson. Kit relates some of what happened while the crew dealt with Sarkaya. As soon as things started to go bad, kit decided to go with Plan B. He downloaded all of the important files he had for the case against Sarkaya and put in a call to the Federal Marshals at Sanguine Grove. He ran into Esposito during the chaos in the shanty town and they both made their way together back to Acorn.

Mad asks Esposito whether or not she and Jakeson want passage back to Ezra. The crew will have to stop at Persephone first, but they are both welcome on-board. Esposito says that she will remain behind and help get Kit get the situation cleaned up before heading back to Ezra. As the crew makes their goodbyes, Esposito leans down and kisses Sebastian full on the mouth. Flushing, Sebastian bids her goodbye as well.

As the ship heads off, the crew belatedly remembers the guard, Johnson, still unconscious on board. Sebastian makes a call to Esposito to tell her that Johnson will be dropped off at the same location where the ship was parked. Once they deliver their package, they dust-off Hera en-route to Persephone.



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