Swan Song

Adventure Log 11/4/12: Season Finale

In route to the Scattering, the crew discusses their plans on to catch Rejovic’s ship. The best idea seems to disable the ship so that the crew can more easily board it. To that end, Sebastian builds a remote controlled missile with an attached EMP device. While it doesn’t look pretty, it is very maneuverable. The plan is for Mad to guide the EMP to detonate on the bow of the ship, hopefully knocking out communications, weaponry, and piloting, while not taking out the generator and life support systems.

Also during this time, Colt privately approaches Mad. He believes that the best idea would be for only himself and Chapman to go aboard Rejovic’s ship. Colt doesn’t think any of the other crew members will be able to fight Rejovic’s men without getting seriously hurt … or killed. He wants Mad to pilot Acorn away as soon as he and Chapman are on board and to get well out of range. Colt also doesn’t want Mad to tell any of the others about the plan. Chapman would probably object and the rest of the crew would refuse to leave him aboard. However, Colt truly believes this plan is for the best. They argue for some time, but eventually Mad agrees to Colt’s idea.

As Acorn approaches the asteroid belt, the crew decides that rather than get too close to Rejovic’s heavily armed base, the best approach will be to find one of the outlying communication relay points and try to hack into his network from there. Everyone gathers in the cockpit as Mad carefully guides the ship through the huge field of asteroids. After a couple of minor (yet heart-pounding) scrapes, they reach a relay point. After one failed attempt, Sebastian is able to hack into Rejovic’s network. He locates and downloads ship arrival and departure logs, then creates a virtual back door to that information. As Sebastian tries to digitally retrace his steps and leave a back door to the entire system, things start to go badly. The Neccom alerts him that it is getting hit with virus attacks.

Sebastian quickly disconnects from the network and alerts the crew that their location may be compromised. Mad keeps an eye out for approaching boats and Sebastian goes over the recovered flight logs. It appears that in three days a small warship, a Mjolnir Corvette, is slated to leave Purgatorio. Everyone agrees that this must be Rejovic’s ship. Mad carefully pilots Acorn out of the asteroid field. Plotting the most direct route between Purgatorio and Niska’s Skyplex, she picks a location three days out that will be underneath the warship’s flight path.

Over the next three days, the crew prepares themselves for the upcoming confrontation. Guns are polished and loaded. The Acorn’s transponder is turned off to become invisible to any ships that get within range. The EMP missle is loaded in the cargo bay. Once Rejovic’s ship is disabled, the plan is to dock Acorn and then Colt, Chapman, and the remote controlled assault drone, Sadie, will move onto the ship. Mad corners Colt several times and tries to get him to let the rest of the crew in on his plan. Colt will not budge.

By the third day, the entire crew is on edge. Mad continuously scans the Black for approaching ships. Finally, there is proximity alert that a ship has entered Acorn’s sensor range. It is the warship. The crew’s perhaps last mission has begun. Rejovic will be taken out here and now … or they will all die trying.

The EMP missle is dropped into space from the airlock and Mad carefully pilots it with the remote control device. It perfectly connects with the bow of the Mjolnir Corvette and detonates. Almost immediately, the ship’s lights go dark and it begins to lose speed. Acorn draws near as the warship floats near motionless in space. Mad aligns Acorn to the other ship’s airlock and begins docking procedures. As the EMP knocked out most of the Corvette’s systems, the crew has to cut through the airlock in order to gain access.

Colt sends the assault drone into the warship, then he and Chapman follow behind. As soon as they are safely on board, Colt radios back to the ship to have Mad begin launching proceduers. However, as soon as he does so, Acorn goes into lock down. Sebastian’s voice comes over the airwaves. Acorn is not going anywhere. Colt angrily tries to argue, but there is nothing he can do. Chapman is also angry as he wasn’t told about the possiblity of the ship leaving him behind, but both men quickly turn back the seriousness of the task at hand. Using Sadie’s camera for guidance, Colt maneuvers her down a series of hallways and corridors. Several groups of uniformed soliders attack, but are quickly shot down by the assault drone’s weaponry. As they pass each downed soldier, Chapman takes a moment to further ensure that they are dead. Ahead of Sadie, the corridor opens up into a larger room.

Rejovic speaks to Colt via one of the soldier’s communication devices, taunting him, daring him to continue on, even with his sister being in danger.

Colt and Chapman grimly continue forward, cautiously moving through the ship. Eventually, their path ends at the warship’s cockpit. Immediately through the doorway, the corridor splits to the left and to the right. Colt takes the left-hand side, while Chapman silently moves into position. As Colt and Rejovic exchange words, Chapman sneaks up the right side. Finally, having enough talk, Colt quick-draws and shoots just as Chapman fires from the other. Rejovic falls. Colt shoots him again in the head for good measure.

Once the entire crew is back on board, everyone gathers to plan their next course of action. The warship will be breached when Acorn disengages from the air lock. Considering the size of the ship, there are quite possibly more crew members aboard. While Colt is not particularly concerned by this fact, the group decides to give any of Rejovic’s remaining men a chance to surrender. Using Sadie’s speakers, Sebastian broadcasts a message to whatever remaining crew members are on board the warship. It doesn’t take long for a small group of soldiers to approach, lead by a Commander DeJoria. The crew takes them aboard and secures them in the brig. The crew decides to drop their prisoners off at a Federal Base station. Once questioned, the soldiers should be able to lead the Alliance back to Rejovic’s warship.

At Chapman’s request, the crew drops him off at Persephone. Colt, upon finding out that Chapman was on the “wrong side” of the war, is noticeably cooler towards him. However, Chapman and the rest of the crew part ways somewhat amicably. The crew decides that they will head to St. Albans to see Delilah. While Rejovic is dead, there still may be parts of his network in place that threaten Colt’s sister. Acorn lifts off, heading deeper into the Black and on to their next adventure.



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