Adelei Niska

Crime Lord


Niska is an old man, grandfatherly in appearance, with an indeterminate Eastern European accent.


Psychotic crime boss with a passion for torture and sadism and a heavy Russian accent. He believes in money and power and that fear is a perfect tool to achieve both. Very fixed on the concept of reputation and this fixation is a driving force behind how he runs his empire.

He is the leader of a criminal syndicate that deals in murder, extortion, robbery, and drug dealing.

His center of business was on an artificial satellite known as Skyplex, in orbit around the world of Ezra. He rules that planet in all but name.

Rumor has it that the Skyplex has been raided by a crew regarding a business deal gone sour. Niska apparently lost some of his key personnel in the fighting. The crew is also rumored to escaped on a Firefly.

Adelei Niska

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