Andrew Harlington

Amiable Heir and Husband


AGI: d6
STR: d6
VIT: d6
ALE: d4
INT: d6
WIL: d6
Init: d4+d6
Life: 12

Monied Individual (M); Lightweight (m)

Athletics: d4 / Guns: d6 / Perception d4/Survival d4

Andrew is a slight young man with reddish blond hair and the beginnings of a beard.


His father arranged for his engagement with Delilah McKensie, the beautiful manager of their rival operation. He’s frankly a bit overwhelmed and quite smitten with her.

After an attempt on Delilah’s life, and a thwarted affair with another man, Delilah finally stopped putting off their wedding and married him. He knows it’s a business marriage, but is determined to make it work (see Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner).

Andrew Harlington

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