Morgan Colt McKensie ("Colt")

Security and Public Relations Officer for "Acorn"



Negotiate? I pull the trigger, they hit the ground, that’s how I negotiate.

I would rather roll around in sewer while being pissed on then to be at a kings feast with Alliance scum.


Age: 27

Description: 6’0”, 190 lbs., Brown/red hair, Blue, green-flecked eyes

Homeworld: Shadow

Known Contacts: Lyle Brewster McKensie (Father—deceased) ; Margaret Ann (Ward) McKensie (Mother – deceased) ; Bradford Joseph McKensie (Brother – deceased) ; Dexter Jarvis McKensie (Uncle) [St. Albans] ; Delilah Ward McKensie (Sister) [St. Albans] ; James Alvin Wellfounder (Employer) [Acorn] ; Charles Montgomery Jayamaran III (Associate) [Acorn] ; Madeline Terra Dawson (Associate) [Acorn] ; Sebastian Louis Necker (Associate) [Acorn].




The McKensies ran a small ranching outfit on Shadow. This was before the war, back when people could still live on the planet, and maybe even make a living. Colt and his older brother Bradford helped their father Lyle and his brother Dexter with the work of the ranch while Maggie ran the finances and made the deals necessary to keep the operation afloat. Little Delilah, doll-like in her pigtails and dimples, would grow up into a striking young woman and was being groomed to take over the operation of the ranch. This all changed once the Alliance took to gathering its power and the Independent High Command began gathering volunteers to do something about it.

Bradford joined the Browncoats early on, he and most of the other rancher’s sons in the area. Colt was itching to go as well, but Lyle convinced him to stay on to make sure that Bradford had a home to back to when the fighting was done. Lyle and Dexter were not young men and needed help. Besides, there were some rancher’s daughters that stayed behind that needed consoling and Colt’s family certainly didn’t mind the possibility of having another generation to carry on with the ranch.

The Alliance hit Shadow hard. Most of the volunteers came from the border planets and the Alliance meant to make Shadow an example. By the time they were done the planet was devastated and practically uninhabitable. Once the chaos started, the McKensies, like so many other families, fought their way through fellow refugees and Alliance patrols to an evacuation craft to get off the planet. Colt, Delilah, and Dexter made it to one craft and Lyle and Maggie made it to another. Lyle and Maggie’s craft was hit with a stray missile, throwing it off course and shattering the containment system surrounding the engine core. Those that didn’t burn to death or suffocate with the lack of life support fell to radiation sickness before the craft was recovered. Upon planetfall Delilah and Dexter took a transport to St. Albans. Colt formally joined the Independent faction.

Colt was known to be an intense soldier, unflappable and dependable when the mi tian gohn hit the fan. He also won praise as a crack shot with a sidearm. His ability to anticipate tricky situations allowed him to keep his comrades safe and to rise to the rank of Lieutenant. His only vice seemed to be women—but then, what soldier couldn’t claim that? Unfortunately his knack for being honest, even in the face of career suicide, precluded him from rising any higher in command. In fact, it was his blunt assessment of his superior’s command and bedroom abilities that landed Colt in the right dangerous position of leading a small marine rescue squad during the fabled Battle of Sturges.

Countless ships were destroyed in the Battle of Sturges. A massive graveyard of Alliance and Independent ships and soldiers still stands preserved in the vacuum of the black. Colt led a small group of marines who darted from one Independent ship to another, tending the wounded and covering retreats. The sheer amount of destruction and causalities witnessed during that action marked the only time that Colt ever questioned his decision to enter the service. On one of his final runs before hostilities came to a close, he and his team boarded Royal Oak, an Independent battle ship, to evacuate the crew. Under the command of Captain James Wellfounder, Royal Oak had managed to fight off three Alliance patrol boats; two were disabled and made their escape while a third was being held in tow. The Oak sustained heavy causalities and its engine core was breached; however two crewmen and the captain survived. Both captain and crew were found on the bridge in hazard suits, Captain Wellfounder with a tourniquet about his leg. Wellfounder asked the marines how he and his crew were doing. Colt replied that they looked like da shiong la se la ch’wohn tian (explosive diarrhea of an elephant) but they survived to fight another day. The captain’s laughter took him into unconsciousness. Colt and his team evacuated the ship and made sure that Royal Oak and its captured ship made it back to Independent-held space.

After the war, Colt ran into a Sergeant Reynolds who had served with Bradford at the Battle of Serenity Valley. Reynolds, who also grew up on Shadow, bought Colt a drink, complemented Brad on his service, and related the news of his death in battle. Restless and despondent, Colt wandered for a spell, his bluntness and his refusal to give up his Browncoat (despite the Armistice) often landing him in trouble. What little money came his way usually ended up with various women he encountered in his meanderings. While having a drink at a dive on Persephone, Colt was approached by James Wellfounder. The two talked old battles and the restlessness that inevitably settled in afterwards. The captain had managed to ferret a few creds away during the war. This and a limp were all he had gained from Unification. It was Wellfounder’s assertion that the only way to be free now was out in the black. After a few drinks the captain offered Colt a place on Acorn, a Tian-é (Swan)-class transport ship. Apparently Wellfounder was buying the craft off a local business man named Laramie based here in Persephone. The captain was free to conduct business as he pleased so long as he made his annual payments and could be called on occasionally for jobs by Laramie. Wellfounder was recruiting and felt he found a security officer in Colt. Colt eagerly accepted.

With Wellfounder on the ship was Mo. Mo was the nephew of one of the crewmen from Royal Oak. Wellfounder took him on as a favor for an old friend but Mo proved his worth with his level head and his easy-going nature. The fact that he could cook a boot and make it taste like a gorram cherry pie didn’t hurt either. Wellfounder had taken to calling him “Molasses” as he tended to work at his own pace, the name becoming Mo later on.

Before leaving Persephone Wellfounder had gathered a hot-shot pilot called “Mad” Dawson and a whiz-kid dwarf engineer calling himself Sebastian. They’ve all served together for about a year now and have learned to live together on Acorn, forming a pretty tight-knit unit. Wellfounder has taken legitimate passenger and cargo runs as well as runs that needed to skirt the Feds a bit more. Laramie seems to be an amiable land-lord but only deals with Wellfounder.

Morgan Colt McKensie ("Colt")

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