Corbin Willis

Arms Dealer


AGI: d8
STR: d8
VIT: d8
ALE: d6
INT: d10
WIL: d10
Init: d8+d6
Life: 18

Friends in Low Places (m); Leadership (M)

Covert: d6; Stealth: d10; Streetwise d12/Discipline d6; Interrogation d12; Mental Resistance d10/Guns: d6/Influence d6; Negotiation d10; Intimidation d10/Knowledge d6/Melee Weapon d6; Knives d10/ Perception d6; Black Market trends d10/Unarmed Combat: d6/Brawling d8

Muscular, bald, dragon tattoo circling his head.


Corbin Willis has made a lot of money on the black market. He has traded in arms, drugs, supplies, and people. He’s dealt with Tongs, “outfits”, etc. He’s one of the few truly independent operators in the underworld.

He has some ship-board turrets he wants to unload and now has a plan…send “Reavers” after shipments and create demand… (see Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner).

Willis is currently serving time at the Federal Penal Colony Security Station at Dyton.

Corbin Willis

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