Corporal Yang

Henchman to Colonel Jared Rejovic


Yang’s great height and obesity make him look like a moving wall. Hi hair on is head is buzz-cut, while the curly hair on his forearms and the backs of his hands is so long he looks almost simian, A broad single eyebrow crosses his wide forehead. He breathes audibly as if he’s always winded and sweats a lot. He grins incessantly and occasionally chuckles and clucks like a fool. He’s no fool. He’s just insane. He’s a brilliant administrator but is true vocation is torturing people.


Yang and his counterpart, Corporal Lin, were Rejovic’s chief henchmen at the Perdition Penal Facility. Yang was captured and remanded to Heran authorities after their encounter with the crew of Acorn (see Perdition).

Corporal Yang

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