Dexter Jarvis McKensie (Uncle Dex)

Loveable Drunk


AGI: d4
STR: d10
VIT: d6
ALE: d6
INT: d6
WIL: d8
Init: d6+d8
Life: 14

Tough as nails (m); Straight Shooter (m); Hooked [Alcohol] (M)

Animal Handling: d10 / Athletics: d6 / Guns: d4 / Knowledge d6 / Perception d6/ Survival d4

Dexter is an older man (early 60s), balding, broad built, genial.


Dexter is the uncle of Delilah Ward McKensie and Morgan Colt McKensie (“Colt”).

Dexter McKensie spent most of his life ranching with his brother on Shadow. The Unification War changed that. Seven years ago he found himself trying to make a new living as a miner. An accidental rock fall crushed his left knee. It has been mostly reconstructed, but still pains him mightily.

He is now retired from the mining business, content to let Delilah run the business and to offer advice when (and sometimes when not) asked. So long as there’s booze available, and Delilah’s content, he’s happy.

He’s against this “marriage alliance” she’s cooked up, but is letting her go her own way with it (see Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner).

Dexter Jarvis McKensie (Uncle Dex)

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