Cullen Drake

Killer Thug


Drake is a large man with a long black mustache, shoulder-length black hair, and dark eyes. His face is craggy and pock-marked. He issues orders with a gravelly voice with the trace of a Rim accent. He has a filled teardrop tattoo under his left eye.


STR: D10
VIT: D10
LP: 20


Tough as Nails (M): (4 extra life points)
Ain’t Got Time to Bleed (M): -1 step at ½ LP
Intimidatin’ Manner (m): +2 step to WIL
Branded(m): -2 Skill step to interactions
Chip on the Shoulder (m): -2 Skill step to interactions


Athletics d4
Guns d4
Melee Weapon Combat d6/Knives d8/Clubs d8
Unarmed Combat d6/Brawling d10


Knife (d4W); Pistol (d6W)


Growing up on the streets of Ariel, Mo (known then as Monty) encountered a fair number of unsavory characters. One night he attended a party in a rough neighborhood. In the course of that evening’s events, a fight broke out between one of his friends (Miguelito) and a local thug by the name of Cullen Drake. Miguelito had been chatting up one of the neighborhood girls, a girl that Cullen apparently had had an eye on. Mo tried to talk their way out of but Drake shoved him aside and started yelling and pushing the smaller man around. Eventually they made it outside into the street and the fight started in earnest.

Unfortunately for Drake, Miguelito, though small, was a pretty good fighter. He had won some local amateur martial arts championships. It soon became apparent that not only would Miguelito hold his own but could actually probably take the much larger Drake. A few of Drake’s friends started to come in to gang up on Miguelito, though the crowd turned against them and gave Miguelito and Monty a chance to get out of there. As the two made their way back home, Drake and his cronies emerged from alleyway. Mo and Miguelito were held by the thugs while Drake gloated and seethed. Then the enraged thug pulled out a knife and plunged it into Miguelito’s gut. Drake turned to Mo to do the same to him when a patrolling MetroPol airship flew over, scattering the thugs.

Mo reported the crime to the police and later testified against Cullen Drake. Drake was sentenced to life in prison. Unbeknownst to Mo, Drake served his sentence in the Perdition Penal Facility in the Hera System. Since the chaos of the prison break on Perdition, Drake has returned to his old stomping grounds on Ariel.

Cullen Drake

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