Earline Saunders

Deputy Sheriff of Fort Baochun


Earline Saunders is an attractive woman with an athletic build and classic Asian features. She is probably in her late twenties to early thirties. She is very no-nonsense and down to earth.


Earline grew up on Londinium in a poor family. She did well enough in school but her family could not afford to send her to university. She joined the Alliance military as a way to gain job skills and an education. The Unification War broke out soon after.

During the war Earline served as an MP for the Alliance forces and is staunchly loyal to the Alliance cause. After the war she decided to take the open position of deputy sheriff in order to find some quiet. She’s devoted to Robert Lim as a friend but is actually bored out of her skull in Fort Baochun. Nevertheless, she does her job well and maintains a professional demeanor around “civilians” (see The Widow Wellfounder).

Earline Saunders

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