Elias Wingate

Chief of Operations, Far Yukon Corporation, Hera


Elias Wingate is in his 60s with white hair, grey eyes, and a fair complexion. He is frail of build, which hides a fairly formindable will.


Elias Wingate is a shrewd business man and head of the Far Yukon Corportion’s operations on Hera. He is also the father of Mercedes Wingate, a local labor leader. He made an enemy of the sociopathic commandant of Perdition Penal Facilty, Col. Jared Rejovic.

After he and his daughter were rescued by the crew of Acorn from the Perdition facility, Wingate has made himself available to the crew should the need arrive (Asset: Friends in High Places).

After the events at Perdition, Wingate no longer uses indentured labor at his facilities.

Elias Wingate

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