Evelle Snoats

Illegal Salvage, Co-Owner of Shao Yi


Evelle is a young man, probably in his mid-to-late twenties, with greasy, slick hair and a weasely look about him. He is noticeably twitchy and sometimes laughs at nothing really. He usually defers to his more level-headed brother, Gale, in most things.


Life: 12


Friends in Low Places (m)
Tough as Nails (m)
Greedy (m)
Twitchy (m)


Covert : d6 / Stealth d8
Guns : d6
Melee Weapons : d6 / Knives d8
Perception : d6
Pilot : d4
Unarmed combat : d6 / Brawler d8


Evelle Snoats is a three-time loser, a loose-cannon whose only good attribute is the good fortune to have a brother like Gale. He knows this and it don’t bother him a bit.

Both of the Snoats brothers grew up in the sticks in a small town called Noose on Ezra to an abusive Shepherd father and a drink-addled mother. Once Gale turned 15, he took his 12 year old brother with him to Calhoun and never looked back.

Over the years he’s done small-time in various local lock-ups for minor infractions—usually taking offense at little provocation and acting before thinking or Gale can calm him down.

During the War he and Gale hooked up with a man called McCullough, running whiskey (and other untaxed goods) around the Rim-worlds, selling to Alliance and Browncoat alike.

After the war, he and his brother bought a Wren-class ship christened Shao Yi and have been making a living selling illegal salvage on the Rim.

Evelle Snoats

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