Fanty and Mingo

Underworld Brokers of Goods and Services


These identical twins are both young—probably no more than 30—and dress rather stylishly.

By their accents, it could be that the brothers hail from Dyton, but no one knows this for certain.

It’s also been noted that you can tell the two apart by remembering that Fanty is prettier—and that Mingo’s voice is just a mite higher than his brother’s.


Fanty and Mingo Rample, identical twins, have paid informants scattered all over the ‘Verse, who send word of “sweet deals”—such as the arrival of unguarded payroll in a small town bank. The twins then hire folk who aren’t too picky about the kind of job they take to perform heists, smuggling operations, or whatever the deal happens to be. The twins’ cut varies, depending on what they think they can get away with. Their HQ is a bar known as the Maidenhead on Beaumonde.

The twins were named at birth by their mother, Mrs. Rample. “Mingo” is short for “Mingojerry”—a mis-remembrance of T.S. Eliot’s creation Mungojerrie from Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. “Fanty” is short for “Fantastic”—which was her first reaction to realizing that she was giving birth to twins—specifically to having to give birth again.

Interesting Note: The characters of “Fante” and “Mingo” also appear in an old “movie” from Earth-That-Was entitled “The Big Combo”]

Fanty and Mingo

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