Smuggler, Courier, Coward


A smuggler and courier (and sometime source of information) who works out of Calhoun on Ezra.

AGI d6, STR d6, VIT d6, ALE d6, INT d6, WIL d6
Life 12, Init 2d6

Good Name (underworld; +2 step SKILL)
Coward (-2 step SKILL/WIL)

Covert d6/Streetwise d8; Influence d4; Mech. Eng d4; Perception d6; Pilot d6/Small Transports d8; Planetary Vehicles d4; Tech. Eng. d6;

Large Pistol (for show), courier bag

Fenhong is a small, weasley man with thinning hair and bad teeth. He is a coward, but competent at what he does. He carries a large pistol at his side, unloaded, as a deterrent to violence.

He flies a small Cricket MK1 transport called Gryll.

His name is Chinese for “pink”.



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