Filo Bursa

Former Independent Colonel


Colonel Bursa was the first man Colt approached when he got off of Shadow to join the Independent Faction. He took Colt under his wing and made sure he got sent to the “right” regiment and was a mentor to him during his basic training.

Bursa was a tough man, but took a liking to Colt’s zeal, what he called “his fiery heart”. He truly hated the Alliance, thought that they “looked down their noses at men who tried to live their lives they way they wanted.” He had a fairly Darwinian view of the Verse—he always railed against “purple-bellied interference in the natural order of things.”

Colt felt like he wanted to cultivate him into a high-ranking officer…but his personality sometimes made that hard. Colt would end up rubbing someone over him the wrong way and get sent somewhere other than Bursa had planned. Then the Colonel would try to get it fixed—sometimes he could, sometimes he couldn’t. His manipulations would jeopardize his own standing and that would result in stern lectures from his mentor for Colt.

After a while Colt had a bit of a falling out—almost like a teenager trying to rebel against his father. He told Bursa he didn’t need his help, that he could do this on his own. Bursa said that he’d let him. “That was the fiery heart of the Independence movement—to be able to try and fail on your own merits and not have a heavy handed ‘father’ slap you down whenever he felt like it.” Colt was angry and hurt—but Bursa just seemed strangely proud.

Colt lost track of Colonel Bursa after that—part of it stubborn resistance on his part and partly the general chaos of the post- war Verse. The last Colt heard, Bursa was listed as MIA after commanding the Overlanders at Serenity Valley. The only mention on the Cortex of Bursa is a listing of his name on an MIA memorial at the Serenity Graveyard.


Bursa now goes by the name “Sarkaya”. He has since set him up a small empire on the Heran subcontinent, based in the town of Yuva.

Filo Bursa

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