Virginia "Ginny" Wellfounder

Widow of James Wellfounder, rancher at Fort Baochun (Ezra)


Ginny is 44 years old with long red/brown hair. She is beautiful, but weathered by many months of hard outdoor work on the GJ ranch.


Ginny met Jim Wellfounder on Boros where Wellfounder was a foreman at the shipyards there. They married a year before the Unification War broke out and divorced when he left to fight.

Ginny is also a member of the local Ranch Association, an influential body that essentially governs the settlement of Fort Baochun.

When she began having trouble with intruders on her land, she thought to contact her ex-husband to handle the problem. At that point she learned from the crew of Acorn of her husband’s death (see The Widow Wellfounder).

Virginia "Ginny" Wellfounder

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