Irene Valus

Smuggler, Captain of "Kuming Muquan" (Fate's Bitch)


AGI d8, STR d6, VIT d6, ALE d10, INT d8, WIL d6
Life 12, Init d8+d10

Friends in low places (m)
Mean Left Hook (unarmed=Basic damage)
Chip on the Shoulder (m) (-2 step Skill in tension sit.)
Ugly as Sin (m) (-2 step Skill in appearance)
Things Don’t Go Smooth (m)

Covert d4; Guns d4; Influence d6/Intimidation d8; Mech. Eng. D6/Repair d8; Perception d6/Sight d8; Pilot d6/Astrogation d8; Tech. Eng. D6/Comm. D8/Security Sys. D8; Unarmed Combat d6/Brawling d8

Pistol, Combat Knife, Ballistic Mesh (1W/8W-S)

Irene Valus is a homely woman. Flaming, thick red hair, freckled face, and bright green eyes, she is a sight to behold. She is built like a barrel with a flame on top.


Valus is fairly mercenary in her choice of jobs, not particularly loyal to any one employer—only their platinum. She currently works as a slaver transporter between Niska and Sarkaya. She is crude and very no-nonsense. She also doesn’t put up with any crap about her being a woman.

Kuming Muquan is an Adelaide-class modified livestock hauler.

Irene Valus

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