Jubal Early

Bounty Hunter


Early is a stone-faced black man of indeterminate years. His twitchy manner and odd way to speaking make him a memorable sight. He now has taken to wearing black clothes and an large, black hood that hides his features. The sickly-sweet smell of rotting flesh follows him about, a side-effect of his unusual disability…


Jubal Early is a bounty hunter with a huge ego. He shares his name with the Confederate Civil War General on Earth-That-Was. His is prone to eccentric philosophical ramblings—usually ending with the question “That seem right to you?”. Adept at psychological manipulation and sadistic at that, Early is a ruthless and tenacious hunter.

During one of his last jobs, hunting the fugitives River and Simon Tam, he was left floating in the black wearing only a spacesuit. His tenacity managed to save his life, though he lost his right hand, both feet, and three fingers on his left hand to the cold of space—and maybe what little was left of his sanity.

He has since gotten cybernetic enhancements for those missing limbs—except for the missing fingers on his left, which he keeps as a reminder to keep him “humble”. He also suffers from CRS (Cybernetic Rejection Syndrome), for which he takes rare and expensive medications—medications provided by his current employer, the fugitive Jared Rejovic.

The crew of the Acorn believe this bounty hunter to be the mysterious assassin who attacked and threatened Sebastian at Wayland Station.

Early2Sebastian never got a look at the man’s face as he wore a deep hooded cloak when he assaulted him and threatened Mo’s life.

NOTE: The rendering here is Sebastian’s recollection of his mysterious assailant. By all accounts, the gun was probably actually a bit smaller…

While performing work for Rejovic at Eavesdown Docks ( Persephone), Jubal Early was shot down in the street by Colt McKensie and Bojing Chapman. With a shot to the body, a shot to the head, and his throat cut, he is believed to be quite dead. However, his body was last seen being dragged into the alleys of Eavesdown by men wearing Tong symbols on their arms…

Jubal Early

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