Karl Tsi-Liu

Miner, Bully, "Inside Man"


AGI: d6
STR: d10
VIT: d10
ALE: d6
INT: d4
WIL: d6
Init: d6+d6
Life: 20

Tough As Nails (M); Prejudice [dwarfs] (m)

Athletics: d4 / Guns: d4 / Melee Weapon: d6 /Perception d4/Survival d4/Unarmed Combat: d6/Brawling d8

Karl is a bully, a brawler, and a spy.

He has a peculiar hatred of dwarfs.


Karli’s worked for Delilah McKensie since she bought out his part of Proxima. He’s the “lead foreman” of the operation at McKensie Enterprises and his insinuated himself into the operations of the mine.

He’s taking money from Willis to keep him informed.

After the events of Episode 4, Karl has been incarcerated in the Federal Penal Colony Security Station at Dyton.

Karl Tsi-Liu

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