Kit Merlyn

Undercover Agent


Kit is a stocky man with a trimmed beard and mild eyes. He is well-dressed, like most of the office workers in Yuva.


AGI d10
STR d8
VIT d8
ALE d10
INT d8
WIL d8
Life 16
Init d10+d8


Steady Calm (minor); Cortex Specter (minor); Total Recall (Major)


Athletics d6/Dodge d8; Covert d6/Infiltration d10/Stealth d10/Surveillance d8/Streetwise d8; Discipline d6/Mental Resistance d8/Interrogation d10; Guns d6/Pistol d8/Sniper Rifle d8; Influence d6; Knowledge d6; Perception d6/Tracking d8/Intuition d10; Melee Weapon Combat d6; Tech Eng. D6/Computer Ops d8/Hacking d8; Unarmed Combat d6/Akido d8


Pistol, Combat Knife, Uniform


Kit is an agent with INTERPOL, investigating the Sarkaya operation. He has infiltrated the operation, working in the general offices and has nearly gathered all of his evidence to put together a case.

Kit may recognize Marshal Esposito from a joint-training exercise they attended on Osiris.

Kit Merlyn

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