Lily Falchion

Newspaper editor for "The Baochun Press"


Lily is a vivacious blonde in her late twenties. Her fingers are often ink-stained and her hair is usually in a bit of a mess, balled up on top of her head with a pencil holding it place. She is friendly and very easy to talk to…a trait she uses to get whatever stories she can out of this one-mule town.


Lily grew up on Calhoun and got an apprenticeship there with the main Calhoun media outlet. As a “promotion” she was sent to Fort Baochun to run the branch that the outlet had intended to open out there. However, the project was abandoned…and so was Lily. She decided to stay on and start her own paper there, with dreams of returning to Calhoun a success. However, she’s found the sleepy little ranch town curiously devoid of anything interesting to report. Nevertheless, she still likes the slower pace of the town versus that of the “big city” of Calhoun.

Lily Falchion

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