Louis "Lou" Cabeza

Confidence Artist


AGI: d6
STR: d6
VIT: d6
ALE: d6
INT: d10
WIL: d8
INIT: d6+d6
LP: 14


Greedy (Minor)


Athletics d6
Covert d6/Infiltration d8/Disable Locks d8
Guns d4
Influence d6/Persuasion d10
Knowledge d6/Appraisal d8
Perception d6


Louis Cabeza is a male of Slavic ancestry in his mid-20s. He is dark, but not swarthy. Medium in both height and build, he as a bushy mustache but close cut dark hair with no sideburns. He has the appearance of a marginally successful farmer but not in homespun clothes. Reasonably friendly-looking and open.


Lou grew up on on Santo, one of several poor children in a poor family. He was recruited into the Syndicate as a young man and soon learned to use his imagination and charm to con folks out of their creds on behalf of the Syndicate bosses.

He loved his wife Xue and his daughter Phillipa, but is too greedy and self-confident to fully realize how much danger his actions have placed them all. He truly hoped to use the proceeds of this last daring heist to set the three of them up in a new home and retire from the Syndicate.

He’s not a bad man—he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He’s just a naive and greedy. Which can prove to be just as dangerous…

The last anyone saw of Lou, he was boarding a Syndicate-controlled Firefly-class ship with a sourcebox. It was assumed that the Syndicate would be retiring him…permanently (see The Seven Arks of Cibola).

Louis "Lou" Cabeza

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