Madeline Terra Dawson ("Mad")

Pilot of the "Acorn"


Age: 25 (now 27)
Description: 6’1”, slender, dusky skin, waist-length dreadlocks (brown), tattoo “sleeves” [purple Asian dragon on left arm, kanji symbols for freedom, love, fly on right arm], piercings [nose, eybrow, multiple ear].
Homeworld: Sihnon ( Lu’Weng)
Known Contacts: Lau Wei Brantley (Mother) ; Nicolas Samuel Dawson (Father – deceased) ; Travis Dawson (Brother) [ Sihnon] ; James Alvin Wellfounder (Employer) [Acorn] ; Charles Montgomery Jayamaran III (Associate) [Acorn] ; Morgan Colt McKensie (Associate) [Acorn] ; Sebatian Louis Necker (Associate) [Acorn].



Assets and Complications

Born Behind the Wheel (Major): Air/Space Vehicles
Friends in High Places (minor): Elias Wingate
Amorous (minor)
Memorable (minor)
Deadly Enemy (minor) : Jared Rejovic


Craft (D6)
Athletics (D6)/Dodge (D8)
Covert (D4)
Guns (D6)
Influence (D6)/Persuasion (D8)/Seduction (D10)
Perception (D6)/Searching (D8)/Sight (D8)
Piliot (D6)/Astrogation (D8)/Mid-bulk Transport(D12)/Arial Navigation (D8)/Space Survival (D8)/Short Range Shuttles (D8)
Planetary Vehicles (D4)
Technical Engineering (D6)/Navigation Systems (D8)
Unarmed Combat (D6)/Brawling (D8)


Madeline (known to her friends as “Mad”) was born to a troubled home on the darker side of the capitol city of Lu’Weng on Sihnon. Her mother, Lau Wei, had a reputation as a “wild child”. She was a free spirit, an artist, and a provocateur. A dalliance with a local silk worker named Nicolas Dawson resulted in an end to Lau Wei’s wild ways. After the birth of their son Travis, Lau Wei continued to live with Nicolas and tried to be a good wife and mother. While she always tried to do her best by Travis, it became increasingly more difficult for her to deal with Nicolas. They grew apart fairly quickly after Travis’ birth, the two of them leading separate lives while living under the same roof. Nicolas began to become increasingly dependent on narcotics, though always functioned well enough to keep his job and to keep the family in money. After eight years of this desperate life, Lau Wei found herself pregnant once again. After Madeline was born and Nicolas continued to decline, Lau Wei determined that the pressures of life in the Dawson household were too much to bear and left, leaving both children with the drops-ridden Nicolas.

Growing up, Madeline and Travis were very close. Travis took it upon himself to look out for his mei-mei (little sister) because no one else would. He loved his parents but resented Mom’s leaving and Dad’s inability to cope. Madeline loved her brother; he was her friend, her father, and her mother all rolled into one. Nicolas seemed to be barely aware of anything but his job and the drops. As Madeline grew older, she became more restless and willing to explore parts of the city that weren’t “safe”, areas that Travis didn’t approve of. As a teen she and Travis would bicker as she became more and more independent and he began to feel more pressure to be responsible as Nicolas continued to deteriorate. Both had to deal with various health issues that Nicolas would exacerbate with his addiction. Though stressful, the situation never pushed the two apart for long. When Mad was 17 (and Travis 25), Nicolas passed away, quietly overdosing in his room in the dead of night. Though they mourned, in many ways their father’s passing came as a relief: now they could live their own lives. Madeline followed her path, Travis his.

For a couple of years Mad bounced around various apartments and odd jobs around the more bohemian sectors of Lu’Weng. She had grown into a very striking woman; tall, dusky, and very distinctive. She learned to use her uniqueness to her advantage, managing to cultivate many lovers of both sexes during this period while exploring various aspects of herself and reveling in her freedom. She expressed herself in her body art and ornamentation and by her relationships with men and women who chose to live their lives a little outside the prescribed notions of civilized living. She had explored her passions; finally one of these encounters introduced her to her first true love.

Lucy, a bubbly little redhead originally from Ariel, hired out for short transport runs of a sometimes “grey” nature between Sihnon and Osiris. Lucy convinced Mad to come with her on one of these runs and introduced her to Shao Jeh (little lady), Lucy’s small Hornet-class vessel. It was love at first feel. After Lucy let her fly Shao Jeh for a leg of the journey, Madeline felt as if a switch had finally clicked into place. Long after the passion died between she and Lucy, Madeline continued to feel that jolt of warm recognition whenever she sat in the cockpit.

From that point on Madeline used her wiles and her natural talent to secure flying jobs. She started doing small atmo-based milk runs and eventually got hired freelance to make shuttle trips between Sihnon and Osiris. A “friend” named Miracle Mike (don’t get her started about his little miracle…see Miracle’s Minstrel) convinced her that she should find a way to get to Persephone. Eavesdown Docks was a huge spaceport which provided a lot of opportunities for an up-and-coming pilot. She saved up some cash and heard through the local grapevine about a beat-up Firefly-class bound for Persephone with a registered Companion in search of clients. They didn’t need a pilot, but would be willing to let her pay for passage at an easy rate. No cute reds on board (and they seemed a mite tetchy about her asking about one, now that she thought about it). She decided it would do. After securing passage, she managed to keep to herself all the way to Eavesdown.

She hadn’t been in Eavesdown long before she was approached by some geezer in a Browncoat. Seemed he was putting together a crew for a Tian-é class (Swan) transport. This Wellfounder guy had heard from an old war buddy that she was discreet and looking for work; come to think of it that Firefly captain was a Browncoat too. Wellfounder planned on running a variety of jobs with his transport: some legit, some needing discretion. She liked that he was up front about this and found herself warming up to the charming old goat. They negotiated a rate and he welcomed her onto Acorn.

Soon after she was brought on board Wellfounder hired some weird little (and she meant little) engineer named Sebastian. The other crew included another Browncoat called Colt and Wellfounder’s associate Mo. Mo seemed to know his way around the galley real well but moved at a snail’s pace (Colt clued her in that Mo was actually short for “Molasses” which is what Wellfounder used to call him). Mo also seemed to know somebody everywhere they went and managed to get them some pretty good deals along the way. Colt struck her as mostly muscle and was probably a gunman.

Mad tries to send Travis a wave now and again: he’s still on Sihnon and apparently makes money weaving traditional silk curtains that supposedly bind the legendary dragon that is the city’s namesake. He struggles but seems happy. Mad is content with her crew and still just loves sitting in the ‘pit taking Acorn through her courses. They’ve all been flyin’ together for about a year now and have learned how to live with each other.

Freedom love fly


It was revealed (under torture) that Mad’s first female lover accused her of tricking her into bed before all her friends in the bohemian district of Sihnon. (see Perdition and Adrianne’s Kiss)

Mad’s Journal

Crew Journal-Mad

Madeline Terra Dawson ("Mad")

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