Marcus Chan

Greedy ex-Independent


Chan is tall and lanky, well over 6’ and thin as a rail. He is completely bald and wears a perpetual leer. His clear blue eyes are stark and penetrating. He wears the long brown coat of an Independent.


Marcus Chan served in the detachment of Independent troops assigned to Fort Baochun during the Unification War. Both he and Terrence Baumgardner made a point of doing as little as possible during their stint with the Browncoats. Marcus only joined in order to dodge a prison sentence back on Shadow for thievery.

One of his and Terry’s last acts were to attempt and steal the last payroll for the unit. They managed to get a hold of the strongbox but were thwarted by a surprise attack by Alliance forces. They ditched the box in one of the many craters found around the fort (due to heavy shelling) and managed to reunite with their unit before they evacuated.

Both he and Terry have returned to get their hands on “his” strongbox.

UPDATE: Both he and Terrence Baumgardner are in the custody of federal marshals in Calhoun (see The Widow Wellfounder).

Marcus Chan

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