Mercedes Wingate

Labor Advocate for the Miner's Guild (Hera)


A striking willowy woman in her late 20s. She ties her blonde hair up neatly and wears glasses of the latest fashion.


AGI: d6
STR: d4
VIT: d8
ALE: d4
INT: d10
WIL: d10
Init: d6+d4
Life: 18


Allure (minor)
Combat Paralysis (minor)
Friends in High Places (minor)
Highly Educated (minor)
Prejudice: Alliance and Far Yukon (minor)
Straight Shooter (minor)


Athletics d6
Guns d2
Discipline d6/Morale d8
Influence d6/Barter d8/Conversation d8
Persuasion d10
Perception d6/Intuition d8


Mercedes Wingate is the daughter of Elias Wingate, the COO of Far Yukon‘s Hera operations. She is a fierce advocate of the miner’s and speaks frequently against the exploitation of indentured workers.

She once had a brief relationship with known terrorist and insurgent Jonathan Crane which led to her encounter with the crew of Acorn on Hera and later on Perdition (see Perdition).

She suffered intense torture at the hands of Col. Jared Rejovic after being set up as a terrorist and brought to Perdition Penal Facility. She and her father were rescued by the crew of Acorn.

Mercedes Wingate

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