Charles Montgomery Jayamaran III ("Mo")

Medic, chef, and crewmember of "Acorn"


Name: Charles “Mo” Montgomery Jayamaran III

Age: 24

Description: 5’7”, 205 lbs., Black hair, Brown eyes

Homeworld: Ariel

Known Contacts: Charles Montgomery Jayamaran II (Father — deceased) ; Alyson Denisoff Jayamaran (Mother – deceased) ; Kelvin Anil Jayamaran (Uncle – deceased) ; James Alvin Wellfounder (Employer) [Acorn] ; Madeline “Mad” Terra Dawson (Associate) [Acorn] ; Morgan Colt McKensie (Associate) [Acorn] ; Sebastian Necker (Associate) [Acorn].












Friends in Low Places (minor)

Friends in High Places (minor): General and Elias Wingate

Trustworthy Gut (Major)

Sweet and Cheerful (minor)


Stingy (minor)

Portly (minor)

Dull Sense [Hearing] (minor)

Phobia [Cats] (minor)

Allergy [Dust] (minor)


Craft (d6) / Cooking (d8)

Guns (d4)

Influence (d6) / Streetwise (d8) / Persuasion (d8)

Mechanical Engineering (d4)

Medical Expertise (d6) / Surgery (d8) / First Aid (d8)

Perception (d6) / Empathy (d8)

Pilot (d4)

Planetary Vehicles (d6)

Technical Engineering (d4)

Unarmed Combat (d4)


Charles Jayamaran III was born on Ariel to a restaurateur father and a surgeon mother. Charles the elder (or Junior to his friends) managed one of the more popular restaurants (“Rock Lobster”) on a planet known for its cuisine. Alyson was a cardiothoracic specialist employed at one of the many state of the art facilities hosted on-world. As a result, Charles (who went by Monty at home) led a life of contentment and some luxury. Occasionally the family would hear from Charles’ brother Kelvin who had left Ariel to see the ‘Verse. He bounced from world to world, taking odd jobs and trying to scrape out a living. Monty’s parents loved him but thought him foolish. Monty mostly kept his opinion to himself but always looked forward to Uncle Kel’s waves.

When Monty left public school he went to work as a dishwasher in Charles’ restaurant. Dad never wanted to play favorites and wanted Monty to learn the importance of hard work. These lessons Monty took to heart, as well as Charles’ tight grip on his finances. To this day Mo always buys on the cheap and lives the maxim “never a lender nor a borrower be.” Monty was always good natured and got on well with all levels of staff at the Lobster. As a result Monty made many friends and acquaintances in the “lower echelons” of Ariel City society and was often a go-to guy to set up meets with various folks…including some shady characters that also seemed to like disposition and “live and let live” attitude. Some of the upper class diners also often needed to get to know someone on the “dark side” and Monty could help them out as well. And as for the really bad _wang bao dahns _out there, he just seemed to know when to steer clear of them.

In an effort to get closer to her son, Alyson also started bringing Monty with her on her “house calls”. Dr. Jayamaran often volunteered for disaster relief runs, emergency shelters, and the like. Here Monty picked up some “quick and dirty” training in emergency medicine. He related really well with Alyson’s patients, but really preferred life in the kitchens to that of a field medic.

During the war, Monty tried to take over the operation of the Lobster, but, while a great cook and money manager, just couldn’t seem to keep the business afloat. Depressed about his failure, he left home and his mother to “walk about” and “find himself”, as young men are wont to do. During this period, Monty made a lot of friends and contacts from a variety of worlds and backgrounds. He found that he genuinely loved people and cooking and also learned that his thrift could allow him to wander as he pleased without too much hardship.

After the war was done, Monty still had done very little with his life. He had wandered, made friends here and there, and done odd jobs. He had never heard a word from or about his Uncle Kel until he met Captain Wellfounder. Wellfounder had found Monty on Persephone, working as a bartender in one of the dockside taverns. After introducing himself, he indicated that he commanded Kelvin Jayamaran (KJ to his mates) in the war. He shared some of the more amusing anecdotes involving Monty’s uncle before getting to his point: Kelvin had been killed in action during the Battle of Sturges. Long before that, Kelvin had told Wellfounder about Monty and the losses he and Monty shared. Out of respect for his old comrade, Wellfounder wanted to offer Monty a job as his “assistant” in a new business endeavor he was developing. Monty appreciated the offer, and buoyed by the fact that his uncle had not forgotten him, accepted.

Monty, who Captain Wellfounder took to calling “Mo”, claiming it was short for “Molasses” (as in “Monty’s about as slow as…”), doesn’t have a strictly defined position on Acorn. Other than ship’s chef, he pretty does anything asked of him by the Captain. The Captain is well-aware of Mo’s physical difficulties but has found him to be an invaluable ally and a friend. Mo’s contacts have been extremely helpful to Wellfounder’s business, and the Captain has learned to rely on Mo’s instincts about people and situations. His easy-going disposition is also a blessing on the ship.

Mo generally doesn’t discuss his life during the War. But when they were on Ariel (see Unification Day), Mo revealed a bit more of his family’s tragedy to Sebastian:

When the Unification War broke out, the Jayamaran’s thought little of it. Neither Charles nor Alyson thought that much would change on Ariel as a result of this “border uprising”. As the war progressed, the medical facilities on Ariel began to see a larger influx of wounded. Word came that Parliament had voted conscription measures into law and, soon after, Charles found himself conscripted into the Alliance military corps. Between his bum ear, allergies, and his weight “issues”, Monty had failed the physical that accompanied the draft notice. Soon after Charles had left, Alyson and Monty received a wave from Uncle Kel. He had joined the Independents after an Alliance gun boat had destroyed a small mining freighter for non-compliance with a “routine” search. Kel was a true believer in the Independent’s cause and this incident had caused him to become quite militant in his politics. After his initial horror, he cited Charles’ conscription as another example of “purple-bellied tyranny” and indicated his contacts would be infrequent due to monitoring of all communications by the Alliance.

While working as a sous chef on a pleasure cruiser, Monty received word that his mother had been killed while participating in a medical mission to assist some refugees from Athens. Athens had become a “hot potato” world between the Alliance and Independent forces, constantly changing hands. The Alliance had had enough and systematically bombed all of the major cities in order to drive the Browncoats out. Alyson had been dispatched with several other teams of physicians to assist the wounded. While shuttling from a bomb site to an orbiting medical station, Alyson’s ship was attacked by an unaffiliated craft and destroyed. To this day no one is sure who was responsible for this vile act and both officials of factions attempted to use it as a rallying point against the other.

After his return to Ariel to put his mother’s affairs in order, Monty was visited by an Alliance officer notifying him of his father’s trial and subsequent execution. Apparently the Alliance High Command had intercepted a communique between Corporal Jayamaran and a known member of the insurrection. Corporal Jayamaran, still mourning the loss of his wife, refused to divulge the true nature of his communication with the Independent faction, waived his right to trial, and was executed according to the laws of the Parliament of the Anglo-Sino Alliance. Monty liquidated all the family’s assets and fled to the border worlds.

He never talks about his family’s roles in the war, usually avoiding discussions of the subject altogether.

Charles Montgomery Jayamaran III ("Mo")

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