Sebastian Louis Necker

Chief Engineer for "Acorn"


Age: 22
Description: 3’9”, brown hair, hazel eyes, “Little Person”
Homeworld: Londinium
Known Contacts: Sonia Ann (Zhao) Necker (Mother—deceased) ; Albert Sebastian Necker (Father—deceased) ; Ralph Jamison Cox (Uncle—deceased) ; Lillian Mavis (Zhao) Cox (Aunt—deceased) ; James Alvin Wellfounder (Employer) [Acorn] ; Charles Montgomery Jayamaran III (Associate) [Acorn] ; Morgan Colt McKensie (Associate) [Acorn] ; Madeline “Mad” Terra Dawson (Associate) [Acorn].

Assets and Complications

Highly Educated (minor)
Math Whiz (minor)
Mechanical Empathy (minor)
Talented (Mech. repair) (Major)
Total Recall (Major)
Friends in High Places (minor): Elias Wingate
Coward (minor)
Easy Mark (Major)
Little Person (minor)
Soft (minor)
Deadly Enemy (minor) : Jared Rejovic


Sebastian has known his entire life that he was special. It’s broadcasted in the double-takes that people give him as he makes his way down a street. It’s advertised by the exaggerated actions people make to pretend that he is not special. It’s also reinforced in the remembered voices of his parents, who made sure that he understood how his differences (and there were many) were strengths to be embraced and that people sometimes just didn’t know how to take in just how special he was.

Sebastian lives with achondroplasia, which is the most common disorder resulting in dwarfism. His diminutive height ensured that Sebastian never participated in athletics and that he was the target of derision. As a result, he strove to spend as much time as he could with his parents, assisting them in their work and learning from them. In this regard he was very much his parent’s child.

Albert Necker was a talented mechanical engineer and mathematician. He met his wife, Sonia, in college on Londinium. Sonia Zhao was studying computer programming and technical engineering and had already secured a place on a governmental team producing models of various terraforming events. Albert and Sonia combined their efforts for the team, fell in love, and completed their collaboration by getting married. Sebastian was born soon thereafter.

While Sebastian was young, the Neckers were able to perform most of their duties for the Alliance from home. Exposed at a young age to mechanics and mathematics, Sebastian showed an amazing aptitude for both. He could manipulate complex machines largely by feel and could retain a surprising amount of data in his young mind. Albert often joked that what Sebastian represented was concentrated intelligence. At home Sebastian was a happy, sheltered child, the darling of his intellectual parents. The outside world frightened and confused him. If not intimated physically, he was often the butt of jokes and pranks by those that prey on the small. Numbers and gadgets made sense. If you did X, Y was the result. Every time. Sebastian simply couldn’t relate very well to other children; he was easily fooled and cowed by those who refused to acknowledge his worth.

Over the years Albert and Sonia grew to prominence in their respective fields. They continued to work for the Alliance on various teams involved in the terraforming of the border and rim planets. As team leaders, they often had to visit actual sites to supervise the work, ensuring that equipment was set up and maintained properly for the long terraforming process. They would also meet with new settler groups at finished sites as part of the “public relations” aspect of their work. On these trips the Neckers were often accompanied by Sonia’s sister Lillian (“Lilly”), who was an accomplished geological surveyor. Sebastian usually stayed with Lilly’s husband, Ralph, while his parents and his aunt completed these missions. He spent many hours tinkering in the small garage that Ralph owned at the spaceport.

While the Neckers and Lilly visited distant Athens, the planet experienced a severe seismic anomaly. The site was rocked by a series of high level shifts, effectively destroying several scientific base-camps—including the workshop to which the Neckers and Aunt Lilly were assigned. Sebastian and Ralph were visited by an actual Member of Parliament who delivered the news of their deaths, thanking the two bereaved men for their family’s service to the Alliance. Sebastian was sixteen years old.

After the accident, Sebastian stayed with Uncle Ralph while completing his schooling. He excelled in most of his classes (physical education and rhetoric were never his strong points) and often retreated to the garage after school to work on his own projects. In his grief, he often found refuge in tinkering and drawing up plans. All events could be accounted for and accidents could always be prevented with adequate planning. Ralph retreated into a bottle of sake and seldom climbed his way out. Eventually, Sebastian took over many of his uncle’s projects in the garage.

What came to be known as the War for Unification had already been going on for a couple of years, though many people in the “ Core Worlds” didn’t realize it. There would be reports of various skirmishes out toward the rim and assorted troop movements, but everyone was assured that this little dust-up would end with the recalcitrant “ browncoats” finally coming to the conclusion that Unification was the best thing that could happen in the ‘Verse. Sebastian didn’t pay much attention to the politics of it, but knew, early on, that the equation didn’t balance. There was something more to this conflict than minor uprisings. Late in the conflict, his suspicions were proven true; the Unification War was the most devastating war in human history-—it couldn’t be explained away forever. Fortunately, due to his “special” nature, Sebastian was not conscripted to fill the rapidly depleted Alliance military forces. Uncle Ralph received his notice, but was dismissed due to his obvious deterioration due to drink. Five years after the accident, Ralph died of cirrhosis.

After the garage was sold to cover his uncle’s debts, the remainder of the proceeds went to young Sebastian as the sole relation. Because he could not afford a formal education (despite the fact that he had a lifetime of training from preeminent scientists in the field), Sebastian found it difficult to find work as an engineer in bureaucracy-ridden Londinium. He managed to demonstrate enough skill to secure passage to one of the border worlds, thinking that his lack of credentials would matter less if he got away from the Core. With any luck he could sign on as a ship’s engineer, experiment with his projects, and see a bit more of the ‘Verse. Eventually he made his way to Persephone.

While doing odd jobs at the Eavesdown Docks, he overheard a conversation an old man was having with a mechanic. Apparently the old man, Wellfounder, was trying to get some routine maintenance done to an old Swan-class ship. This mechanic was trying to convince him that he needed to buy extra fuel packs to maintain power. You don’t want to get caught out in the black and have a tank go out. Because of the age of the ship, it wouldn’t be able to handle a long-term fuel cell. It would be incompatible with the current system.

Fuhn pi.” [literally “farting”, to accuse somebody of lying]

The mechanic looked at Sebastian incredulously. “Excuse me?”

“What you told him. That’s not true. Fuhn pi, dohn-mah?” [dohn-mah = understand?]

Wellfounder turned to him, smiling. “Oh really. I’m very interested in what you have to say Mr…"

Sebastian backed off one step. “Necker. Sebastian Necker.”

The old man nodded. “Go on.”

“It wouldn’t take very much to convert the reactor to accept a cell. And frankly, it’ll be worth your time to do it. With the right conversion and routing set-up you can not only install the longer-lasting cell but actually increase the overall efficiency of the entire system by…70.37658…no, .37659 percent.”

Wellfounder raised his eyebrows and looked over at the seething mechanic.

“This tian di wu yohn [completely useless] half-pint doesn’t know what he’s babbling about. He’s probably never even seen the inside of one these things, much less how to convert the fusion fuel center. I’ve never steered you wrong, Wellfounder. Even if it could be done—and it can’t—the work would be outside of your price range.”

Sebastian stood there, looking for an exit. “Uh…”

Wellfounder looked down at the young engineer. “You say you can do it?”

Sebastian nodded. “With the right tools and parts, three hours work.”

The mechanic sputtered. “Shia suo” [talk nonsense]

Wellfounder rolled his eyes at the mechanic and turned back to Sebastian.

“How much?”

Sebastian looked at his shoes.

“A job.” He looked up and smiled. “Wages to be negotiated after I complete the work. You’ll see how much I can be worth to you.”

“And if it doesn’t work?”

Sebastian shrugged. “Drop me off at the next port.”

Wellfounder reached down and shook the engineer’s hand. “I got a good feeling about you, di [“little brother”]. Welcome aboard Acorn. Let me introduce you to your new best friend.”

Sebastian has been maintaining Acorn for the past year and has proven himself to be the valuable asset he indicated back in Persephone. The ship is probably over 20 years old and has obviously been through a few scrapes. Though it is sometimes tricky to find parts and maintain properly, it’s fuel efficient (as promised) and always pulls through. It’s got its quirks…like that pesky static electricity issue that comes up every time they pull out of a burn and the tetchy audio system, but she’s a good boat.

Sebastian has learned to get along with the rest of the crew over the past year, even though he spends most of his time in the engineering section of the boat. “Mad” Dawson is an exotic pilot from Sihnon. Mo, Wellfounder’s associate, knows his way around the galley really well (if slowly) and seems to know somebody at every port. He’s probably the easiest one to get along with, even though he can’t hear what Sebastian says half the time. Colt McKensie is a former Browncoat (like Captain Wellfounder) and usually acts as a bodyguard or an extra hand in the various jobs that the Captain takes on. Wellfounder often takes jobs from a Mr. Laramie back on Persephone. Apparently he’s the gentleman that Wellfounder is purchasing Acorn from. Some of these jobs involve skirting Federal officials from time to time. Everyone seems to get on well enough and Sebastian is generally given free rein to play in the engine room to his heart’s content.


It was revealed (under torture) that Sebastian once pissed himself when confronted by a bully. (see Perdition)

Sebastian Louis Necker

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