Nick Rawlins (aka Simon Dulles)

Pilot, Federal Agent


AGI: d10
STR: d8
VIT: d10
ALE: d8
INT: d6
WIL: d6
Init: d10+d8
Life: 16

Allure (m); Born Behind the Wheel (m); Lightnin’ Reflexes (M); Overconfident (m); Superstitious (m)

Athletics: d6; Dodge: d8 / Guns: d6; Pistols: d8 / Perception d6/Unarmed Combat: d6/Brawling d8 /Pilot: d6; Mid-Bulk: d10/Planetary Vehicles: d8

Brown wavy hair, green eyes, and a roguish grin.


Simon Dulles (“Nick Rawlins”) is a former Alliance pilot who became a Federal agent after the war. He’s not a political animal by any means…he volunteered simply because he wanted to learn to fly.

He went undercover as a transport freelancer in St. Albans to investigate the business dealings of Delilah McKensie. He was accompanied by his partner Val Rawlins (real name: unknown).

He and Ms. McKensie became close over the course of his investigation—Delilah, it is widely believed, fell for him.

His cover was blown by Delilah’s brother and the crew of the Acorn. He later solicited their help in trying to capture a notorious weapon’s merchant called Corbin Willis (see Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner).

Simon has since returned to the Core to continue his work as an Alliance Federal agent.

Nick Rawlins (aka Simon Dulles)

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