Jared Rejovic

Former Commandant of Perdition Penal Facility


This man looks formidable. His craggy facial features seem chiseled from stone. When his mouth smiles, his grey eyes do not. His broad frame, powerful limbs, and thick neck could belong to a man much bigger than his six-foot-one-inch height. Other than his thinning, steel grey hair, he appears ageless. Not a speck of dust mars his perfectly creased uniform.


Colonel Jared Rejovic is a sociopathic, paranoid, and ruthless man devoted utterly to his greed. He used the inmates of his penal facility as slave labor to mine the rock of titanium and other minerals. He engaged in an elaborate plot to dethrone his enemy and rival, Elias Wingate involving imprisoning and torturing his daughter Mercedes Wingate. This plot was thwarted by the crew of Acorn, though also ended in the death of their captain, James Alvin Wellfounder (see Perdition).

Rejovic is now wanted by the Ministry of Justice for multiple crimes against the Alliance government. It is also believed that he plots his revenge against the crew of Acorn for contributing to his downfall.

Jared Rejovic

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