Silas Luhan

Corrupt Constable


AGI d6, STR d8, VIT d8, ALE d6, INT d6, WIL d6
Life 14, Init 2d6

Wears a Badge (m) (2 step INFLUENCE)
Intimidatin’ manner (
2 step ATT)
Mean Left Hook (BASIC unarmed damage)
Prejudice: Women (-2 step INFLUENCE)

Athletics d4; Guns d6/Pistol d10/Rifle d10; Influence d6/Intimidation d8; Perception d6/Search d8; Melee Weapon Combat d4; Unarmed Combat d6

Pistol, Stun Baton, Restraints, Badge, Uniform, Rifle,

Constable Luhan is a large man, bald, with a thick black mustache that covers most of his mouth. He has thick lips and slightly buggy eyes.


Silas Luhan is the constable of Mansdell Crossing on Ezra. He is utterly corrupt and on the payroll of Adelei Niska. He rules Mansdell with his thuggish deputies, taking people in on loose charges and then selling them as slave labor to Niska.

He hates “uppity” women and is confident that all of his actions are “covered” by his association with Adlai Niska.

Silas Luhan

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