Terrence Baumgardner

Former Independent, Current Criminal


Terrence Baumgardner is a man large in girth, if not height, and quite hirsute. Most folk that encounter him are reminded of a bear. He has brown hair and a thick beard and dull brown eyes. He usually wears an old brown jacket with an Independent faction patch on the sleeve.


Baumgardner grew up on Hera to middle-class parents. Working on a shipyard exposed young Terry to a lot of stories from various spacers about various ways in which the Alliance made life hard for honest working folk. He began associating with various Independent-leaning locals and often shot off his mouth about how something drastic ought to be done. When war broke out, he wasn’t inclined to join…but many of his friends did and he felt pressure to do the same or be called a hypocrite.

In the war, Baumgardner served at Fort Baochun with Marcus Chan. He served in the rifle corps and was known as a crack shot. The two allied themselves against the rest of their compatriots and participated in a scheme to get their hands on the final payroll for the evacuating fort. This plot was thwarted by the arrival of Alliance gunships and their treasure had to be abandoned.

Now he and Chan have returned to claim what is theirs.

Unlike his compatriot (Marcus Chan), Terry Baumgardner actually feels some loyalty to the Independent cause…he just feels that he and Chan are owed that money for their service and what they lost.

Terrence Baumgardner

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