Val Rawlins

Covert Ops, Federal Agent


AGI: d12
STR: d8
VIT: d6
ALE: d10
INT: d8
WIL: d8
Init: d12+d10
Life: 14

Fightin’ Type (M); Steady Calm (m)

Athletics: d6; Dodge: d10 / Covert: d6; Stealth d10; Infiltration d10; Surveillance: d8; Streetwise d8/Discipline d6; Concentration d8/Guns: d6; Pistols: d10/Sniper Rifle d12 /Influence d6/Knowledge d6/Melee Weapon d6/ Perception d6/Unarmed Combat: d6/Karate d10

Short blonde hair, athletic build


Val posed undercover with Nick Rawlins in order to investigate the business dealings of Delilah McKensie on St. Albans.

She got work as an administrative assistant at McKensie Enterprises. Her “husband”, Nick, was supposed to be a freelance contractor with the firm as a pilot.

Her cover was blown by Delilah’s brother, Colt McKensie, and the crew of the Acorn. Her real name is currently still classified. She and her partner managed to solicit the help of the crew to arrange for the capture of the dangerous arms dealer Corbin Willis (see Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner).

Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Val Rawlins

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