James Alvin Wellfounder

Former Captain of "Acorn" and veteran of the Independent Faction.


James Wellfounder was an attractive man of average height and build. He had dark skin, brown eyes, and close-cropped curly white hair.


Captain Wellfounder is a veteran of the Unification War. He fought for the Independent faction and all he got for his trouble was a pronounced limp. He’s an easy-going boss with a sharp sense of humor. Just don’t ever let him think you’re cheating him or your name is go se (dog shit). He’s in the process of buying Acorn from a man named Laramie. He treats his crew as a team of equals and splits shares evenly.

Wellfounder died at the hands of the criminal and former prison commandant Jared Rejovic at Perdition Penal Facility in 2518.

Not much is known about Wellfounder—he seldom discussed his past. Morgan “Colt” McKensie met Captain Wellfounder, then commander of the Independent craft Royal Oak, as part of a rescue operation during the Battle of Sturges. Under Wellfounder’s command, Royal Oak had managed to fight off three Alliance patrol boats; two were disabled and made their escape while a third was being held in tow. The Oak sustained heavy causalities and its engine core was breached; however two crewmen and the captain survived. Both captain and crew were found on the bridge in hazard suits, Captain Wellfounder with a tourniquet about his leg. Wellfounder asked the marines how he and his crew were doing. Colt replied that they looked like da shiong la se la ch’wohn tian (explosive diarrhea of an elephant) but they survived to fight another day. The captain’s laughter took him into unconsciousness. Colt and his team evacuated the ship and made sure that Royal Oak and its captured ship made it back to Independent-held space.

It was later revealed that Wellfounder had been married before the war. After his death at the hands of Jared Rejovic, the captain’s former crew received a message for him from Virginia (“Ginny”) Wellfounder, who was now maintaining a ranch on Ezra near the settlement of Fort Baochun. While assisting her with her current troubles (see The Widow Wellfounder), the crew learned that they had lived on Boros before the war and that Wellfounder had been a foreman at the shipyard there. They had married a year before the war began and had divorced when he left to fight.

While being tortured in Perdition, it was also revealed that, much to his personal shame, Wellfounder had abandoned a man during the combat evacuation of his unit during the war.

James Alvin Wellfounder

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