Xi Wang Black

Bounty Hunter and (former) Captain of "Freedom's Flight"


Black is tall, handsome, sports a dazzling smile, and seems open and trustworthy. He wears a leather cowboy hat with a blue jewel in the band and a long brown duster to curry favor with the locals.

He also uses the alias “Shing Xiao”.


Xi Wang Black has always been a bit of a daredevil and constantly skirts the edge. He’s an adrenaline junky who lives for risk and thinks he’s immortal. Despite this he has the brains and discipline to plan and execute slow, subtle stratagems. What he lacks is any shred of conscience.

Black and his crew were hired by Jared Rejovic to incriminate Mercedes Wingate in her dealings with the terrorist Jonathan Crane. Black planned to use the Far Yukon information that Mercedes was willing to sell in order to kidnap her father and sell him to Rejovic for even more cash. His and Rejovic’s plans were thwarted by the crew of Acorn (see Perdition).

Black now serves a prison sentence for his roles in the kidnapping and torture of Mercedes Wingate and the kidnapping of Elias Wingate.

Xi Wang Black

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