Xue Cabeza

Wife of Lou Cabeza


Despite her name, Xue is of South Asian (Indian) ancestry. She is as tall as Louis but definitely has a slighter build. She also has dark hair but keeps it relatively short. Despite being also in her mid-20s her eyesight has prematurely deteriorated so that the needs reading glasses. She is equally comfortable in pants and shirts as in dresses and may be found in either. She tends to spend most of her time sewing clothes, using machine rather than homespun cloth, since Phillipa has undergone a recent growth spurt and does not have a lot of clothes at the moment. She may be willing to sew simple clothes for characters if they have cloth. Her demeanor is steady but guarded.


Xue loves her husband but is frightened for herself and for her daughter due to his ties to the Syndicate and his inability to not draw attention to himself.

She and her daughter Phillipa last saw her husband Lou on the asteroid called Quivira as he turned himself in to Syndicate operatives, presumably to his death. The crew of Acorn dropped them off on Hera to begin their new life. (see The Seven Arks of Cibola).

Xue Cabeza

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