Tian é “Swan” (Mid-bulk transport)


Class: Tian é “Swan” (Mid-bulk transport]
Dimensions(LxBxH): 216 × 105 × 78
Tonnage: 2954 tons
Speed Class: 4 cruise / 6 hard burn
Fuel Capacity: 125 ton/625 ton tank (800 hours)
Cargo Capacity: 270 tons
• Passenger Quarters: 30 tons (2 1st class)
• Crew Quarters: 45 tons (2 standard + 3 Spartan)
• Common Room: 75 tons
• Infirmary: 75 tons
• Galley: 150 tons
• Escape Pods (5): 5 tons
Complexity: Low
Price: 70,896 credits (17724 at auction)
Maintenance: 5318 credits/year (443 credits/month)


Agility: d10
Strength: d6
Vitality: d6
Alertness: d4
Intelligence: d2
Willpower: d4
Initiative: d10+d6
Life: 10

Assets and Complications

Fuel Efficient (Minor): Standard space for fuel yields 800 hours of cruise endurance
Memorable (Minor): Uncommon class + age
Seen Better Days (Minor): 25% purchase price, 20+ years old, -1 step Vitality penalty on monthly maintenance roll, -1 step Influence if age of ship is a factor, +50% maintenance costs
Dull Sense (Minor): -2 step Alertness regarding any audio transmissions


Aerial Transport Operations/Swan d2
Space Transport Operations/Swan d2
Perception d2

Additional Modifications

These are modifications made by the crew circa 2518…

Kill Switches

Coded panel (with isolated codes) have been installed at Sebastian Louis Necker eye level at the cargo bay and the engine room. Allows manual shutdown of flight control, engines, and communications (either audio or video or both).

Physical reset switches (installed in the panels) allow reconection to source after a kill command. Communications reset located in Galley, Engine reset located in Engine room, Flight reset located in cockpit.

A Formidable complex action would be required to crack the security codes of the kill switch panel.

Security cameras

Tied to communication’s system (Average complexity). Allows views of ship exterior and cargo bay.

Gun Safe

Key-locked located in cockpit.

Computer System Protections

Firewall (HEROIC) — designed by Sebastian Louis Necker
Antivirus (HEROIC) — designed by Sebastian Louis Necker
Mini-computer (in Engine room) (1000 CR)

  • Duplication of shipboard systems
  • Isolated from shipboard systems
  • Cortex access
  • INT = d10 [Excellent]
  • Fuel Cell = 48 hours of use / re-chargeable (25 CR) [have 2 cells with recharger]

Directional Search Lights

2 on exterior wired into comm.

Range: 1 mile x 600’ cone, 360 degree rotation, 135 degree tilt


The Tian é (Swan) class is a “no-frills” mid-bulk transport. Generally reliable and extremely nimble for their size, the Swan was a very popular transport upon its initial roll-out. Over the years their popularity waned as the manufacturer’s attention to “substance over style” made them fairly unmarketable. Production dropped off dramatically making them a popular vintage item these days.

Acorn was purchased by James Wellfounder from Robertson Laramie, an entrepreneur who operates out of Persephone. She was re-christened by Wellfounder in honor of the Royal Oak, a gunship he served on during the Unification War. She currently also carries a shuttle that the crew refer to as “The Nut House".

Acorn was first commissioned some 25 years ago and has seen better days. However, her essential systems are sound and quite hardy. Her ability to pick up and receive audio transmissions is a mite tetchy, and she has a tendency to pick up some extra static electricity around the hull during burn. Other than that, she’s a sound ship.


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