Ellandri's Dagger

Modified Knorr-Class Transport


The Knorr Class light cargo transport is an uncomplicated fixed engine VTL (vertical take-off/landing) craft. Because of the slight tonnage of the Knorr, it carries no secondary craft—a controversial (some term suicidal) design decision. Small, two-man escape pods offset this issue to a small degree. The Knorr class is a frequent sight along the transport routes along the Border and the Rim, though, due to its inability to compete against the heavier transports, not as common within the Core.

Ellandri’s Dagger has obviously been modified from the stock model—though the exact nature of the modifications are not readily apparent. Her hull has an elaborate “Ellandri’s Dagger” logo painted on it. The "L"s are stylized daggers. She’s an old and well-worn ship.

Dagger logo


It has been reported that Ellandri’s Dagger was destroyed in a bombing while in spacedock at Wayland Station on Christmas Eve, 2519 (see Christmas Comes Early).

Ellandri's Dagger

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