Independent Assault Rifle

Standard Military Issue

weapon (ranged)


Damage : d8W
Range : 150
Max ROF (Magazine) : 3 (40) [single, burst, or auto]
Cost : 40 CR / 100 Plat.
Weight : 11
Availability : Illegal


When the War started, the Independent movement used mostly personal firearms or arms stolen from Alliance supplies. Later, as the conflict escalated, Independent High Command solicited like-minded arms makers to supply their own models for the Browncoats.

These assault rifles were standard issue for all Independent ground forces. Most were manufactured in secret factories located throughout the Rim and Border worlds. Some Browncoats call them “Mickeys” because they are reputed to be based on the design of a Thompson McDonnell, a near-mythical figure in the Independence movement.

Independent Assault Rifle

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