Necker's EMP Device

Portable Timer-Equipped EMP



Range Increment : 5 feet (20’ max)
Approx. Cost : 30 CR/70 P
Weight : 1 lb.
Availability : UNIQUE (poss. Illegal)


Designed to take out electronics or cripple computer systems, this “electromagnetic pulse” device could also be used to immobilize a vehicle operating with any engine using electrical current (as opposed to combustion).

The EMP does no damage to living people, but takes out any unshielded electronics within the pulse range.

Each of these hand-held devices is equipped with a electromagnet on the back that can be toggled on/off to allow for adherence to metal surfaces. Each device also has a timer by which the device must be set to activate.

Each EMP device can only be used/activated once.


Developed by Sebastian Louis Necker to disable electronic devices and allow for a time to get safely away from the affected area.

Necker's EMP Device

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