MacPherson's Fearsome Firearm

weapon (ranged)

“Nellie” is essentially a personal Gatling gun—or even a “mini-gun”—mounted on a rifle stock with special cooling agents introduced to cool down the mechanism for longer use time. When the mechanism gets warm, it tends to jam. It fires special ammunition, also developed by Hamish “Mac” MacPhereson.


Damage : d10W
Range : 20’ increment
Max ROF (Magazine) : 3 (50) [Burst or Autofire capable]
Cost (CR/P) : 250/625
Weight : 25
Availability : UNIQUE (and ILLEGAL)


The weapon fires a short burst of three rounds. A burst counts as one attack action and allows you to make three attack rolls against the target, though with a –2 step Skill penalty, since firing a burst is less accurate.


This is where you target a general area and spray it full of lead. Most autofire weapons give a 5-10’ spread. Nellie provides a spread of up to 20’.

You make one Easy attack action to make sure you targeted the area correctly. If your attack succeeds, all potential targets must make defense rolls (just as they would against normal attacks) against an Average difficulty. Those unaware and standing still are Easy targets, which mean they are automatically hit. Anyone who fails his roll is hit as if struck by the original attack roll against his defense. Plot Points can be used only to add a bonus die to an attack against one target. Autofire bursts with this weapon comprise of 10 rounds.

Example : Mac switches Nellie to autofire and sprays the 20-foot area where three security guards, Harry, Joe, and Burly, stand. Mac’s player rolls a 13 on the attack roll, far more than the 3 he needed to “paint” the area. The GM rolls defense for the trio. Harry dives for cover, and his Agility + Athletics/Dodge yields him a 15—saving his pee goo for the moment. Joe is an aware, moving target, and gets Innate Defense. His Agility-only roll yields a 5—meaning he’s hit with the original 13 attack! Burly’s attention was elsewhere, and he’s standing still and an unaware target. He’s hit and the poor bastard gets only a 3 (the Easy difficulty) as a defense.

Magazine and Rounds

Nellie’s rounds are custom made by Mac to fit her mechanism. The “magazine” is actually a special chain load.


Nellie is an effective, if tempermental, weapon. Each BURST (after the initial burst) fired in a scene accumulates a 5% chance to jam. Each AUTOFIRE burst grants an additional 10% chance to jam.


Nellie give quite a kick, requiring a STR+GUNS (Rifle) check after each burst to ensure readiness for the next volley. Failure yields a -2 step penalty to AGI for initiative.


“Nellie” was built by Hamish “Mac” MacPhereson of Rio (see Blame It On Rio).

She is a formidable weapon and gives quite a kick, thus ensuring that Mac MacPhereson is the one of the few men in town that can handle her.

She was built by Mac as a custom job for a fellow that had come to Rio seeking out his expertise. The man decided to dicker too long about the price so Mac held on to the gun. The man tried to come again for it by force but Mac decided to introduce Nellie to the man the hard way. Folks around town know the story and tend not to dicker too long about Mac’s prices. And they definitely don’t try to steal from him…

Mac only brings her out on special occasions.


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