IAV Rainbird

Magnum-class transport


Magnum-class ships are often referred to as “bullets” due to their characteristic shape. They are reliable and relatively nimble for a medium freighter. They are used almost exclusively by the Alliance Medical Corps.

Rainbird has had half of its outer hull stripped away to its lowest level. Further, one of the cargo bay doors and the turret gun has been blasted away. It has sat derelict in space for the past 15+ years.

The stats below represent a fully operational Rainbird.


Dimensions (LxBxH) : 150×70×30′
Tonnage : 1150
Speed Class : 4/6
Crew Quarters : 2 doubles (16 tons ea.)
Passenger Quarters 4 singles (8 tons ea.)
Fuel Capacity : 12 tons (60 ton tank)
Cargo Capacity : 272 tons
Armament : 1, 100 lb. turret electromagnetic cannon (10 ready round cap.), Plating (2W) [23 tons (575 CR)]
Complexity : Very High (x2.4)
Price : 211,000 CR


AGI : d8
STR : d4
VIT : d6
ALE : d8
INT : d8
WIL : d10
LIFE : 14


Aerial Transport Ops d6
Astronavigation d6
Sensor Array d6
Space Transport Ops d6


The Rainbird is a “Magnum”-class medium transport commissioned by the Alliance during the Unification War and manufactured by Clarke Interstellar Transport. It was used to move medical supplies through various combat zones.

This craft was named for a secret operative back in the days of Earth-That-Was. It was sent on a special mission during wartime to the deepest reaches of space. Its secrets, much like those of its namesake, have been carried into the black.

IAV Rainbird

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