Shao Yi

Wren-Class Transport


The Shao Yi (little wing) is a small Wren-class transport owned and maintained by the Snoats brothers, Gale and Evelle.


Dimensions : 60×25×20′
Tonnage : 100 tons
Speed : 3/5 (cruise/burn)
Crew : 1 with relief (bridge=Cabin for 2)
Fuel : 10 tons (3k hours)
Cargo : 1 standard container (40’, 25 tons) in external frame
Armament : 1 conventional cannon

  • Ready Rounds : 11 (20 lbs. rounds = d2 damage [actual wt. x2])
  • Cannon = 1 ton; rounds = .22 tons
  • On the Cheap: Malfunctions occasionally: 25% to treat “Miss” as “Botch”

Attributes, etc.

VIT : D6
INT : D2
INIT : 2D4
LP : 8

Aerial Transport Ops/Transport d2
Space Transport Ops/Transport d2


Wren2As long as cargos are bound for the frontier, small transports will always be able to make a buck. A Wren Class ship is essentially an oversized cockpit with reaction engine pods and a pulse drive mounted to a universal structural frame. Cargo is loaded in a single, standard 40-foot container attached to the frame, which can be dropped at the destination. The Wren can then pick up another load for the return trip, haul back an empty container, or fly back clean.

Ships of the Wren Class are relatively small, can be operated by a single individual, and have an operations and maintenance cost lower than any other class of ship known to the frontier. Different containerized load-outs can be mounted into the frame depending on the task at hand. A prospector looking for a new claim might want extensive survey capabilities, while a scout going into dangerous territory will want some defensive capability. Of course, this makes load-out something of a gamble, as one never knows what one is going to find beyond the frontier. It takes a savvy spacer with a nose for what’s coming next to make it in this kind of life. If the salvage is on the very fringe of the black, odds are these guys will bring it back first—-if they get back at all.


The Snoats Brothers (Gale and Evelle) purchased Shao Yi in a with funds gained during the War as whiskey-runners for an Ezran trader called McCullough.

Since then, the two reprobates skirt the edges of civilized space, looking for junk and scrap with which they make a fairly miserable living. She’s a dependable boat—which is good, because her owners aren’t the shiniest stars in the ’Verse.

Shao Yi

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