weapon (ranged)

Basic Stats

Damage : d6W
Range Increment (ft) : 75
Max ROF (Standard/Autofire) [Magazine] : 3/8 [16+1]*
Approx. Cost : 40 CR
Weight : 4 lbs.
Availability : UNIQUE

*Shirley can fire in single shot mode (1 bullet per attack, 3 shots max per round) or in AUTOFIRE mode (8 bullets expended per round)

Shirley is also equipped with a DNA trigger lock set to Colt.


This is where you target a general area (about 5 to 10 feet wide) and spray it full of lead. You make one Easy attack action to make sure you targeted the area correctly. If your attack succeeds, all potential targets must make defense rolls (just as they would against normal attacks) against an Average difficulty. Those unaware and standing still are Easy targets, which mean they are automatically hit. Anyone who fails his roll is hit as if struck by the original attack roll against his defense. Plot Points can be used only to add a bonus die to an attack against one target.

Example: Colt switches Shirley to AUTOFIRE and sprays the 10-foot area where three security guards (Harry, Joe, and Burly) stand. Colt’s player rolls a 13 on the attack roll, far more than the 3 [EASY] he needed to “paint” the area. The GM rolls defense for the trio. Harry dives for cover, and his Agility + Athletics/Dodge yields him a 15—saving his pee goo for the moment. Joe is an aware, moving target, and gets Innate Defense. His Agility-only roll yields a 5—meaning he’s hit with the original 13 attack [yielding 8 Basic damage + d6W]! Burly’s attention was elsewhere, and he’s standing still and an unaware target. He’s hit and the poor bastard gets only a 3 [EASY] as a defense [yielding 10 Basic damage + d6W]. Colt has expended 8 of his bullets (half his full magazine).


This “franken-pistol” was developed by Morgan Colt McKensie (“Colt”) in the course of his journeys. It is essentially a standard sidearm that has been modified to provide an autofire option.

Colt has also made specialized magazines to accompany Shirley on her travels.


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