Prominent Demeter Business Figure Cited as Person of Interest in Murder Investigation

Pomegranate14 May 2520
Franco Tuon
The Pomegranate

The New Huntsville Police Department has contacted authorities in Demeter requesting assistance in securing the testimony of a prominent business figure in connection to their investigation of an unexplained murder that took place this past January.

Laramie1Investigators seek the testimony of businessman Robertson Laramie of Demeter. Anonymous insiders close to the case indicate that Laramie may have been the source of some questionable business transactions that have been linked to the murder victim, one Jim Biggby, of Windmare Ranch. It is these transactions that investigators believe to be the motive for Biggby’s murder.

Jim Biggby, 67, of Windmare Ranch was killed sometime shortly after midnight on the morning of January 10. His housekeeper, Thelda Goss, found his body in the den. and called New Huntsville authorities about 5:30 a.m. (local standard) to report his death.

BiggbyBiggby had recently retired from his own business as a contractual “procurer”, acting as a liaison between various business interests and contract workers that could provide services. He took up residence at Windmare Ranch in September of 2519. According to investigators, Biggby had made two recent large deposits to his accounts. The deposits were made within weeks of his purchase of Windmare Ranch. Also, according to confidential sources close to the investigation, platinum bars—often used in underworld transactions outside of the Core—were found amongst Biggby’s belongings.

Authorities with the New Huntsville Sheriff’s Office stated that there was no evidence of forced entry into the home and investigators did not see any suspicious people or vehicles in the home security captures authorities collected on the premises and from neighbors.

The cause of death has not been reported but the medical examiner ruled it was a homicide. No further evidence has been cited, nor have any suspects been bound.

Inquiries made to the offices of REL Enterprises, Mr. Laramie’s private corporation, have received no response. The suites housing the office of the CEO are closed.

Federal investigators have been called in to assist in the search for information.


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