Battle of Serenity Valley

Serenity valley

The Battle of Serenity Valley is the most infamous conflict of the Unification War. It is largely sited as the battle that ended that War and its aftermath still affects the ’Verse in myriad ways.

Lying midway between the Core and the outer planets, Hera was of great strategic importance during the War and become a vital staging ground for both sides. Taking Hera was key to winning the war and Serenity Valley became the turning point for the conflict.

The battle began in May 2511 at Serenity Valley on Hera. Conflict ended after seven weeks, culminating in the formal surrender of the Independent High Command. Sixteen Independent brigades and twenty air-tank squads were lost in the course of the battle. Sixty-eight percent of the Independent forces were lost at Serenity Valley.

The brilliant flanking maneuver, conceived by General Richard Willkins of the Alliance forces during this crucial battle, is cited as the key to that side’s victory in the conflict.

All that is left of the valley today is the memorial, Serenity Graveyard. Thousands of folk from across the ’Verse come there each year to pay their respects, regardless of what flag their sons and daughters fought under.

Battle of Serenity Valley

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