City on beaumonde

Beaumonde is the fifteenth world in orbit of Kalidasa. It, in turn, is orbited by two moons: Hastur and Geneva.

Beaumonde is a heavily industrialized world, the manufacturing hub of the system. Its cities are surrounded by factories that produce everything from computer parts to ceramic coffee mugs to bobble-headed geisha dolls.

Due to the heavy industrial output, pollution is a major problem. The cities are covered in a perpetual haze. Some people have moved their homes and businesses underground to escape the smog. Outside of the cities, air quality is better. Farmers and ranchers manage to make a good living.

New Dunsmuir is the capital of Beaumonde and is the only city that has no factories. The lack of haze and its proximity to the ocean make it a prime vacation spot. The wealthy factory owners also make their homes there as well, commuting into the choking, hazy factories as needed. Nearby to New Dunsmuir is a thriving spaceport, much like the infamous Eavesdown Docks of Persephone.

The Maidenhead is a popular bar in one of the seedier sectors of New Dunsmuir. It is a frequent hangout of Fanty and Mingo, twins with their fingers in many corrupt pies throughout the ’Verse.

The city of New Huntsville houses the Earth-That-Was Distillery, where there famous Old Earth-Style Kentucky Bourbon is made—a specialty known throughout the ’Verse.


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