Di Yu

Di yu “Di Yu” is Chinese for hell, an apt name for this fiery world. A cloak of thin gray smoke hugs this world, visible as soon as you break into atmo. It’s always overcast here, the sun appearing like a dim, hazy, coin on a good day.

Di Yu, the eighth world in the Georgia system, has a small population (less than 10,000); the bulk of the inhabitants are of Mongolian ancestry, not Chinese. They claim the Chinese lured them into settling here with promises of technological aids. About the only tech they got was the portable hydroponic farms they use to grow the vegetables and feed for the animals to sustain themselves.

Folk here are resilient nomads who have banded together to form large tribes that roam the countryside, forced to keep moving before the local sulfuric cycle builds up to unbearable levels. The world has no capital or discernible “modern” city. Instead, huge tents dominate the harsh landscape. Water is a precious commodity on Di Yu, to the point of being the unspoken currency. Water is more valuable than credits or platinum, both virtually worthless to the natives. They typically equate each gallon of fresh water to one credit in value in trades. Foreign traders coming primarily to barter for the indigenously raised “fire goats” which are considered an exotic delicacy, are advised to “adopt” a tribe and travel with them during their stay. People of religious dedication journey here as well with one purpose in mind: to test their faith and devotion by visiting “hell”.

Di Hu is orbited by its single, uninhabited moon, Yama.


Access to Di Yu is heavily restricted due to the fact that the Alliance built the infamous Hong Shing Penitentiary here. The prison is the largest in the Georgia system and one of the world’s rare permanent structures. Prisoners are shuttled here from all over the Verse on a regular basis and incarcerated alongside local inmates (some repeat offenders have even picked up the Mongolian language). Security is fairly lax since it’s much preferable to be on the inside than out—not that any inmates will roam far with the fully armed IAV Khangoya patrolling the world. The prison authority, incidentally, also performs the background checks of all travelers to Di Yu prior to landing and issues time-sensitive passes at 10 CR per daily pass, 30 per weekly.

Di Yu

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