Eavesdown Docks

Eavesdown Docks is the largest spaceport on Persphone—-and one of the most notorious in the ’Verse. It sprawls across acres of street vendors, slums, and warehouses. The docks have a robust criminal element, petty “lords” ruling their turf and doing a brisk business in collecting illegal salvage and moving contraband on- and off-world. The docks also provide plenty of opportunities for young hot-shot pilots to find work.

Eavesdown is located just a short flight from the planetary capital, Demeter.

Badger is one of the more well-known (or notorious, depending upon one’s point of view) minor “lords” ruling a fair amount of turf in the ’Docks.


Surrounding the Eavesdown Docks is a district that features old-fashioned Chinese architecture in even older disrepair. This Chinese community practices many of the ancient traditions. You can find food prepare the way it was thousands of years ago, aged storytellers who are living annals of the Eastern lore, herbs, and medicines and practitioners of the old medical arts. Unfortunately, residents of the Chinese community have declared it off-limits to non-Chinese outsiders. Seems that after a nephew of a local nobleman was found severely beaten following a drunken binge in the area, the noble has threatened to seek revenge.

The Jo Long Bong or “Nine Dragons Tong” practically owns half of the Eavesdown Docks, where there’s enough jo’s—the Chinese character for nine—scrawled on walls to leave no doubt as to who rules this territory. The docks are also teeming with “brothers” the Nine Dragons forcibly push administrators and laborers into hiring. You can’t go anywhere without bumping into someone sporting approved gang tattoos and they don’t bother hiding their affiliations. Doing business in the Nine Dragons part of Eavesdown requires “paying respect” to the tong, normally in additional credits. Most folk figure it’s worth the cost, since things are less likely to go wrong if you’re under the gang’s protection (providing you do nothing to upset them). They also “license” places for folk to set up shop on the docks (no government authority is foolish enough to challenge the Dragons on their turf). It’s an open secret among seasoned spacers that if you have specific business with the Nine Dragons, head for Dock Nine—and steer clear of that dock if you don’t!
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Eavesdown Docks

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