The first planet in the Georgia star system, Ezra is currently in transition. Once Ezra was a relatively peaceful world known for farmers and ranchers. Then, near the end of the war, its governor died unexpectedly, throwing the planet in chaos. (Conspiracy theorists alternately blame either Alliance or Independent assassins, but in truth the man choked on a piece of chicken). The lieutenant governor was ill-equipped for the job. To make matters worse, thousands of war refugees and former soldiers from both sides were pouring into Ezra. Jobs got real scarce, the ranks of unemployed swelled, and the economy went belly up. Criminals flocked to Ezra as word spread of overwhelmed law enforcement and the potential to hide under the larger problems.

It was during this chaotic time that a crime lord, one Adelei Niska, moved his Skyplex into Ezra’s orbit and set himself up as the local power. Using some legitimate businesses as a front, he manages to avoid prosecution through the use of bribes, assassination, and the threat of his torture chambers.

The Alliance Parliament is currently considering what to do about the “Ezra situation.” A new governor is needed, but he or she would have to confront Niska, and thus far there have been no candidates willing to take on that task.

Farming and ranching are still common pursuits. Ezra’s business enterprises have at least provided jobs for some folk. The law of the gun is absolute on Ezra: if you can’t defend yourself or what you’ve got, someone will take it from you. That rule applies to people as well as property, since many slavers come here to pick up a little extra cargo. Despite the risks, there is now work to be found on Ezra, though it may not be to everyone’s liking.

Calhoun is one of Ezra’s larger settlements, known as the “Jewel of Ezra”. It lies about 100 miles from the township of Fort Baochun.

Mansdell Crossing is another settlement about 200 miles east of Calhoun.

Other than the Skyplex, Ezra has one natural satellite: the moon Herschel.


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